Norfolk VA Teeth Whitening/Porcelain Veneers – Cosmetic Dental Services Launched

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Leisure Dental, a black-owned dental clinic in Norfolk, has announced the launch of its updated veneer services. The services are provided by Dr. Bruce Haggerty, an expert cosmetic dentist.

Leisure Dental, a Norfolk-based dental office, has announced the launch of its updated porcelain veneer placements. The practice’s founder Dr. Haggerty, has helped many celebrities improve their smiles with cosmetic dental procedures.

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The launch of the updated porcelain veneer placement services aims to give residents of Norfolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach access to high-quality cosmetic dental care at an affordable price.

From a young age, Dr. Haggerty dreamt of becoming a dentist. He earned his DDS from Texas A&M College of Dentistry, and he is currently affiliated with the American Dental Association and the Virginia Dental Association. As an African-American dentist, Dr. Haggerty is proud to operate a black-owned dental practice. He founded the practice to help patients improve their dental health through advanced treatments.

Now, he continues his commitment to affordable dentistry with the updated veneer services. Veneers are porcelain shells used to cover chipped, worn, or irregularly shaped teeth. Veneers are custom-made to match tooth size and color, which creates an attractive, healthy smile.

To start the process, Dr. Haggerty removes some enamel from the teeth that will be covered by the veneers. Next, a mold is taken and sent to a laboratory, which allows dental technicians to create custom veneers that fit a patient’s teeth. Once the veneers are complete, they are installed and bonded using a strong cement-like substance. After final adjustments are made, the patient can begin to enjoy their new smile.

Dr. Haggerty schedules follow-up visits with his patients after the procedure to ensure that they are satisfied with their veneers.

The expert cosmetic dentist is dedicated to helping his patients become confident in their smiles. He believes that with his guidance and expert care, every patient can achieve the smile of their dreams.

Clients speak highly of Dr. Haggerty and his team, as a satisfied customer said: “I highly recommend Dr. Haggerty at Leisure Dental for all of your dental needs. He was very thorough about everything as far as what he was doing and the cost.”

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