Family Night Card Game During Pandemic – Phrase Match Expansion Pack Launched

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Family-friendly game creators, Kids Against Maturity, have launched expansion packs for the core card matching game to keep children laughing and adults entertained through pandemic quarantines.

Kids Against Maturity, a fun-filled family-oriented card game for children and adults, have launched combo and expansion packs for the humorous scenario matching game on their website. The expansion packs can be played alongside the original core Kids Against Maturity game to add variation to the existing cards or to stay in play for longer.

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The Kids Against Maturity expansion packs have been launched in response to the demand for family night games that are suitable for children and adults, to keep children away from smart devices and video games during long quarantine periods of the pandemic.

Created by parents for the entire family to enjoy, Kids Against Maturity was first developed in 2016 after extensive creative game development and trial and error testing on the creator’s own two children. Originally made on index cards as the family friendly answer to adult-oriented games such as Cards Against Humanity, the Founder’s Edition was released in 2017, and quickly sold out due to its instant popularity.

The most recent core version of Kids Against Humanity has been developed to fill the gap between repetitive card games for younger children, and mature themed humorous adult games. Using age-appropriate humor that can be enjoyed by the whole family, the game involves matching scenarios with endlessly entertaining responses.

Aimed at keeping children engaged with funny phrases, and adults amused with layered innuendos, Kids Against Maturity keeps people of all ages laughing for longer with its new combo and expansion packs. Each expansion includes additional cards that work with the core game to distract and delight in new ways, making family night fun and keeping children away from smart devices and video games.

With the latest launch, Kids Against Maturity continues to commit to pandemic-proof and family friendly entertainment, with suggestions for additional game night ideas outlined in a recent report:

A spokesperson for the company said: “An award-winning game, it was voted one of the top 20 family games of 2020 by CNN. Now with the availability of expansion packs, we can unabashedly say that Kids Against Maturity is one of the best games for family game night.”

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