Hawaiian Snack Subscription Box – Asian Specialty Candy Gift Bundles Launched

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Snack Hawaii has launched an expanded selection of Hawaiian and Asian snack subscription options. Customers can sign up to receive monthly assortments of popular candy, beverages, and snacks.

Online retailer Snack Hawaii has launched an expanded range of subscription boxes. The company offers Hawaiian and Asian snacks made by popular brands such as Asia Trans & Co, Enjoy Brand, Kaimana Jerky, Island Princess, and Hawaiian Sun.

More details can be found at https://www.snackhawaii.com/collections/hawaii-snack-subscription

With the newly updated subscription options, customers can order their favorite Hawaiian and Asian specialties right to their doorstep.

Snack Hawaii was founded over 30 years ago as a distribution business providing specialty snacks and beverages to Hawaiian locals. Today, the family-owned business has grown to become one of the top Hawaiian snack retailers in the United States.

The retailer’s classic Hawaiian and Asian snacks include dried seafood, macadamia nuts, Arare, Li Hing Mui, Kona Coffee, and more.

Snack Hawaii also offers a variety of box sets, such as the Yummy Gummy and Crack Attack Combo Bundle. The combination pack includes the company’s two best-selling snack boxes, each of which is filled with various candies and dried fruits.

Customers can also sign up to receive a monthly ALOHA Snack Box. With this subscription, patrons will receive a different hand-picked assortment of sweet and savory snacks each month.

The May 2021 ALOHA Snack Box, for example, includes Enjoy Pineapple Cookies, Kauai Sweet Shoppe’s Guava Caramels, Meiji Choco Mushrooms, Red Seedless Li Hing Mui, and more.

Other fan favorites include the Li Hing Everything Snack Box, which features a combination of 12 Li Hing Mui Candies and Crack Seed pouches. Those looking for a more filling option can purchase Snack Hawaii’s Kaimana Ahi Tuna Jerky or Dried Seafood variety bundle.

The snack supplier offers worldwide shipping. Hawaiian residents can find the company’s products at local retailers including Walmart, Kmart, Longs, Costco, KTA Superstores, and more.

Individuals with questions or concerns can call Snack Hawaii’s customer success team at 1-877-474-6991.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our mission here at Snack Hawaii is to provide our customers with a wide variety of great Hawaiian and Asian snacks. Delivering great products and superior customer service that exceeds the expectations of our customers is at the forefront of our core beliefs.”

Interested parties can find additional information at https://www.snackhawaii.com/collections/hawaii-snack-subscription