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The Malaysian Daily news and lifestyle website launched covering current events, culture, and business in Southeast Asia. The online periodical looks to expand swiftly to an international readership

The Malaysian Daily, a news and lifestyle periodical exploring culture, cuisine, business, and more across Malaysia has been launched. The free to access website is set to feature reporting and commentary of news arising from and affecting the Southeast Asian country, as well as global affairs.

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Complete with updates covering local and international news, politics, fashion and technology, the newly launched web hosted news platform looks set to become a premier contender in the country’s burgeoning news media, lifestyle, and cultural scenes.

Malaysia, a country comprising many islands in Southeast Asia and including parts of Borneo and the Malay Peninsula, has land borders with both Thailand and Singapore and is a popular tourist hot-spot. Kuala Lumpur, its capital, is renowned for its vibrant music, arts, and history.

Malaysia has made its way into popular culture all across Southeast Asia and the world. Malaysian cuisine, such as Nasi Lemak, has become increasingly popular to cook at home, and in restaurants. With a growing population and increasing access to, and interest in, the country and its markets, Malaysia is sure to continue its steady growth as a centre for Southeast Asian culture and investment.

The most recent addition to the country’s news media, The Malaysian Daily, seeks to expand its international readership base swiftly. Their website offers a simple but slick user interface allowing subscribers to freely browse Malaysian fashion, vacation destinations, job vacancies, open market tenders, economic and social events, as well as other breaking news and the latest updates from Southeast Asia.

The Malaysian Daily will include news and features of interest to readers globally as well as locally in Malaysia. As a growing economy in a region rich in culture, biodiversity, and resources, Malaysia is bound to find its way into many people’s lives as either a travel destination, or as a potential for future investment, which is one reason why this website aims to keep its readers updated on news, lifestyle, and politics across Malaysia.

The online periodical will also report on international news, giving insight into events outside Malaysia in the wider global community. The Malaysian Daily is on track to join other international news providers, such as the BBC and Al Jazeera, in providing up-to-date live news from events unfolding globally as well as in its home country.

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