Credit Card Processor Fee Savings Program For Small Business Owners Launched

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Global Processing Partners has announced the launch of its Cash Discount Program. The program helps business owners save on credit card processing fees by offering cash discounts.

Global Processing Partners, a credit card processing company, has announced the launch of its a new program for small business owners. The company’s founder, Chris Nelson, developed the Cash Discount Program after he grew tired of paying expensive credit card processing fees while running his own business.

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The launch of the program aims to help business owners to save on credit card processing fees by providing flexible payment options for their customers.

Typically, credit card processors charge a 3 to 4 percent fee on each transaction. For businesses that do hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in transactions each year, these costs can quickly become inordinately expensive. When operating a small barbershop, Chris Nelson realized that he was paying far too much money to credit card processing companies. Upon implementing the Cash Discount Program in his store, he saved over $35,000 per year.

Now, Global Processing Partners hopes to bring similar savings to their clients with the Cash Discount Program.

The program works by providing customers with different payment options. At checkout, customers can choose to receive a discount by paying in cash, which eliminates processing fees for business owners. Alternatively, the customer can choose to pay a small fee to use their credit card. This system shifts the cost burden of credit card processing to the consumer and helps business owners keep a larger portion of their profits.

Global Processing Partners prides itself on understanding the needs of business owners. The program was designed to meet the needs of all business types, so any business that accepts credit cards can benefit from the service.

The company truly believes in the value of the Cash Discount Program, and there is evidence to back it up. A spokesperson for the company said: “Over the course of tens of thousands of transactions a year, our partner businesses easily increase their profit by thousands of dollars. The majority of our customers save more in one month than the annual costs of the service combined.”

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