Experts Highlight the Stress-Easing Effects of Art Creation in This Public Health Crisis

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( — May 31, 2021) Wilmington, DELAWARE — It is undeniable that pandemics are as tragic as war, only that they lack elements like bloodshed and battles of strength.  

Due to the threats brought about by the pandemic, there have been massive lockdowns in most areas around the globe. Lockdowns, empty streets, and unemployment are just some of the ugly realities that people are facing today in addition to the fears of contracting the virus. 

Aside from practicing social distancing and proper handwashing, health authorities strongly recommend boosting the immune system. Having a strengthened immunity is vital in battling the impacts of the virus, but it is also important to take care of one’s mental health. 

Experts strongly recommend taking some measures to protect and maintain mental health as this is one of the ways to survive the virus. Unfortunately today, there are many people who are struggling everyday due to anxiety, stress, and depression caused by the pandemic.

It is vital to take care of mental health as there is no known cure yet for the virus. People are advised to brace up as even scientists are clueless to when this pandemic would end. The good news is that certain activities that can be done at home are found helpful.

Activities involving the creative process have long been known to be helpful in reducing anxiety, stress, and even depression. 

It is important to realize that art engagement neither requires the use of expensive art materials nor being an artist. Pretty much anyone can do it and benefit from its therapeutic effects. 

In previous research studies, it has been found that art therapy is significantly helpful in lessening levels of anxiety and stress. It appears to produce relaxation effects, and serves as a powerful distraction, especially in these times of crisis. 

Some experts say that the creative process allows one to take their mind off things and focus on their creations.

There are many enjoyable art activities that people may enjoy nowadays, such as doodling, scribbling, or drawing. These do not necessitate complicated and expensive materials, but may be enjoyed through the use of pens. 

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