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No A new book has been launched by Akasha Zyana, helping readers to take control of their life and achieve their dreams. Called 101 Amazing Secrets to Looking Beautiful, Feeling Younger, and Having More Energy, it is available for free for a limited time.

Akasha Zyana has launched a new book called 101 Amazing Secrets to Looking Beautiful, Feeling Younger, and Having More Energy. It is available for download for free for a limited time only, and readers are able to get insight and guidance onto how to make their dreams and goals a reality.

More information can be found at: http://mysticknots.com/a-magical-book/beautifulsecrets

The site covers much of what the book dives into, and highlights how life and personal balance is about so much more than just diet, exercise, healthy food, relaxing, and tension busters: it’s about all this combined and more.

In order for readers to achieve their dreams, goals, and desires, it’s important for them to come up with an individualised system and personal plan for healthy living, balance and groundedness.

This is because the foundation for success starts with the individual. It is down to the individual to take responsibility for their life by finding and reinforcing a personal purpose.

The author says that physical health and mental health, both separately and in combination, make people who and what they are. When this is added to the person’s emotional, psychological, personality, learned behaviors, context, means and the people around them, and there is an interesting mix of ingredients that they can control and manage.

Akasha Zayana says it’s important for readers to recognize their feelings, perceptions, thoughts and emotions, while cutting distractions and minimizing things that upset them.

The author states: “Staying and looking younger longer is almost an obsession these days. Getting rid of wrinkles, signs of aging, even campaigns that are pro-aging, in the name of beauty products grace our screens, magazines, advertising, lives and products.”

But while aging is inevitable and there’s nothing people can do to escape it, there are some things that can help people to cope with it. The new book from Akasha Zayana helps readers to cope with this, achieve greater levels of self confidence, work-life balance, and happiness.

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