Custom-Scheduled CQM For Federal Construction Projects Certification Launched

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Custom-scheduled Construction Quality Management (CQM) certification courses have been launched by Building Constructive Solutions. Courses can be flexibly scheduled to meet the demands of its clients.

Building Constructive Solutions (BCS) has launched Construction Quality Management (CQM) courses and exams for those who need CQM certification in order to contract construction projects with the federal government.

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BCS is launching private and BCS-sponsored classes in order to meet the tremendous current demand for CQM certification.

The Construction Quality Management course and exam are authorized by the U.S. Army and Navy. Many government agencies require this certification, including the Veterans Administration and Department of Homeland Security.

The advent of COVID-19 caused many in-person classes for this vital certification to be canceled. Now there is a backlog of construction quality control personnel who need to acquire or renew this certification.

Due to this backlog, it is difficult for those seeking CQM certification to find an available seat in time to meet initial certification and renewal deadlines. The Construction Quality Management Certification must be renewed every five years.

When an employee needs to take a day away in order to go to a distant class site, it can disrupt construction schedules. The variety of Building Constructive Solutions class locations will allow students to save money and time by taking a course close to home.

BCS will also offer classes on Saturday to meet demand and cause the least disruption for companies and personnel. A Saturday class will allow a class participant to work a full schedule and still obtain certification.

Building Constructive Solutions can also bring private classes to businesses, which may be more economical, depending on how many students will be involved. The class will be tailored to reflect a particular industry while maintaining certification standards.

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BCS will also sponsor a class for a particular geographical area where there is enough demand. This will decrease the travel time for participants. BCS will support all the up-front costs, with students only paying tuition.

Building Constructive Solutions is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business in Virginia. BCS is part of the Society of American Military Engineers and the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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