How To Plan a Holiday Abroad this Summer

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( — May 25, 2021) — At the moment with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, holidays have been put on hold. However, as restrictions are set to lift, there are hopes of potentially getting away in the sun this year. The government has already announced it will operate a traffic light system for traveling with ‘red’ listed countries, ‘amber’ listed countries’, and ‘green’ listed countries.

The color of each country’s state will stand as an indicator of the risk of contracting coronavirus when visiting. Plus, there will be tests in place such as the Medicspot’s day 2 and 8 tests that must be taken when quarantining after visiting a non-green listed country.

So, with this said, let’s take a look at how you can plan a holiday abroad this summer outside of the U.K.

Choose a green listed destination

First and foremost, you can choose to visit a green-listed country, also known as a country with a less likely coronavirus risk. Gibraltar is one of the countries set to be placed on the green list as the country’s entire population has been vaccinated.

Israel is also another country that has vaccinated a large portion of its population along with Malta. Some of the Greek islands are also expected to be on the green list.

Take the right tests

Before you travel you will need to take a coronavirus test in order to prove you’re fit to board a plane. You will also be required to take a coronavirus test before you come back to the U.K.

Choose a covid-friendly hotel

Many hotels are ramping up efforts to operate more cleaning procedures in a bid to stop the virus from spreading. When planning your holiday, you should consider staying in a ‘covid-friendly’ hotel or a hotel that has an extra protocol in place to keep guests safe.

Be prepared with sanitizer and masks

While some of the green countries may not require you to wear a mask, we recommend you pack masks and sanitizer anyway. You should still practice social distancing and be prepared to wear a mask in communal areas in the hotel while traveling and in the general public.

Research the country’s covid policies

Some countries will require you to present documentation to prove that you are free from coronavirus. Before you plan a holiday, research what sort of information you need to carry in order to be able to travel freely in that location. You should also be prepared to take a test before you board your flight or take a train back to the U.K.

Think about travel insurance

As the U.K. has left the E.U, British citizens are no longer covered under the European travel card. Therefore it is vital that you take out appropriate insurance in the case of illness or injury when traveling outside of the U.K. With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, if you fall ill with the virus you could end up with some costly hospital bills abroad without the proper insurance you need.

Finally, consider whether you need to travel

While everyone is desperate to get abroad and enjoy a bit of sun, staying local is one of the biggest steps we can take to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. In the U.K. not everybody has been vaccinated and it may take some time for us to reach the point of a fully vaccinated population. With this in mind, think about whether your holiday can be put on hold for a short while longer. It may be frustrating to have to rearrange plans but it is worth it for everyone’s well-being.