Pasadena CA Organic Handmade Soaps And Oils With Biblical Ingredients Launched

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Circle of Faith Women, Pasadena CA, announces its range of new wellness and household products.These organic products are free of harmful chemicals and made with natural ingredients mentioned in the Bible.

Circle of Faith Women in Pasadena, CA, announces the launch of its organic wellness and household products for healing body care. These products utilize Biblical ingredients and are made during Bible study sessions.The Christian non-profit Circle of Faith organization’s new line of handcrafted all natural wellness and household products are available to local residents of Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Los Angeles and now available nationally to residents in the USA.

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Circle of Faith Bible study group was launched with the intent to serve the community through fundraising events, workshops, outreach programs, and other humanitarian work.

With the launch of its new products, this organization aims to give people across the world, skincare and household products that are natural and harmless. Customers also have the opportunity to support community and humanitarian projects by purchasing these products.

Circle of Faith Women has created a range of organic body care and household products. Uniquely, these products are made out of flowers, oils, and other natural substances mentioned in the Bible. All the ingredients are organic and the products are composed, mixed, created, and packed by hand and in the homes of the member women.

While they cleanse the body of impurities and toxins, they also rejuvenate the mind and spirit. The proceeds from the sale of these items go back into the community as charity donations and help for the needy,

According to Circle of Faith Women, their products are 100% paraben free and cruelty-free. There are no harmful chemicals and the products are safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin. The products also do not contain dyes, artificial fragrances, or anything that will pollute the earth.

The products are made to order so that the customer gets them in as fresh a condition as possible. Products are vegan and not tested on animals. Every product contains essential oils and ingredients that have healing properties proven by modern science and backed by Biblical mention.

The Circle of Faith Women was started by a group of Armenian Christian women with the desire to study and share the Word of God – the Bible. This grew into a passion to heal and also help the communities around them as an example of living out their Christian faith. They are a non-profit religious organization with a mission to preserve the tenets of Christianity and provide a service of healing and health.

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