5 Tips for Putting the Finishing Touches to Any Room

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A lot of thought and design effort can go into decorating and updating your home, but it’s often the simple items or finishing touches which can truly transform a space. Even the simplest item or accessory can make a room look and feel different, which is why it’s so important to think about those additional accessories which are going to make a room look and feel complete.


If you’re unsure where to start, here are five tips if you’re looking to add the finishing touches to your design features.


1.    Dress Your Walls with Artwork


Bare walls can be immediately transformed by even just one piece of artwork, such as a personalized canvas print. Even if you only have one piece in the room, it can make a whole lot of difference. Artwork works best on walls that aren’t used as feature walls, such as when you have busy wallpaper, but they can work as a large focal piece on a feature wall if the style is complementary.


Even if you’re a minimalist, you can have some simple prints or pieces to best reflect your room scheme.


2.    Don’t Neglect Lighting


The right lighting has the power to transform any space. Even just a simple color change from cold blue light to warm amber can have a room feeling (and looking) completely different. Therefore, placing the right lighting around your room can have it looking complete, such as tall standing lamps or small table lamps in the right corners.


3.    Use Plants


Plants are must-have finishing touches for any home, whether they’re real or synthetic. Plants can provide a whole different feel and mood to a room, as well as add sparks of color or greenery. You can opt for smaller, manageable plants around the room or one huge plant to draw all the attention. Suppliers like Hemsly provide accent décor, which can work for any home, including decorative greenery, which is perfect for coffee tables, room corners, or side tables.


4.    Think About Mirrors


Mirrors are not only ideal for adding key décor, but they’re also perfect for reflecting light and having a room feel brighter and bigger. With this in mind, they’re the perfect finishing touches for smaller or darker rooms. You might want one large mirror as a focal piece or to dominate a particular space, or you can use smaller mirrors around the room to get a fuller effect.


5.    Layer Up with Soft Furnishings


Decorative pillows can transform a plain and bland couch into something completely different. Pillows and throws can have a couch or space feeling more comfortable and more decoratively attractive. Rugs can make bare floors come alive and add color and design to any space. Using thick, high-quality curtains can make a bare wall or window space immediately look completely different, more attractive, and help the room to feel warmer.


Take Away



Even just one of these tips can make a room better decorated and more comfortable to be in. Even a simple accessory for a table or on the wall can make a space improved and add an interesting feature you can enjoy.