Automated Copywriting Keyword-Rich Content Marketing AI Campaign Guide Launched

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A newly launched guide to Jarvis, the AI-powered copywriting service, has been launched by Penny Egg. It discusses the ease with which marketers can create ad copy and elevate their promotional campaigns.

Penny Egg has launched a new guide to an AI-powered copywriting solution for business owners wanting to engage leads and drive sales more reliably. Called Jarvis, it provides clients with proven high-converting content for websites, social media campaigns, email marketing, and more.

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The newly launched guide is aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to build a stronger brand and achieve their 2021 growth goals.

While the pandemic has caused major challenges for companies across sectors, internet traffic is at an all-time high. This represents a useful opportunity for businesses that are able to reach their target customers effectively.

However, Penny Egg explains that it’s not enough to simply get found by prospects. Once a visitor lands on a company website, or clicks onto a promotional advert, it’s important to engage them and compel them to click through to an offer or promotion.

This is where marketing copy is important, and it’s a skill that many businesses don’t get right. However, through implementing Jarvis, companies of any size can overcome writer’s block to optimize their ad campaigns.

Rather than struggling to come up with the right angle or topic to cover, Jarvis provides an effective workflow method. Marketers are able to come up with keyword-rich content faster thanks to a fully automated process.

Because so much of the work is done for them, marketers can focus more of their attention on other areas of the campaign or business.

The first step of the process is to choose a template within the program’s dashboard. Secondly, entrepreneurs can quickly input the required data alongside specific instructions regarding the tone of the piece or the length.

Once this has been completed, Jarvis will create a customized article based on the outlined specifications.

A recent client said: “I’m having a ton of fun creating content with Jarvis. I think the sentence expander might be my favorite tool right now just for getting me going and breaking through writer’s block.”

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