Mesa AZ Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment/At-Home Chiropractic Program Launched

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Mesa, Arizona-based Neuropathy Treatment Centers of Arizona has expanded its treatment program for local patients throughout the state and the greater Phoenix area, including Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, and Tucson.

Neuropathy Treatment Centers of Arizona, a Phoenix-area chiropractic practice specializing in peripheral neuropathy pain relief, has announced new expansions to its at-home treatment program. The center provides non-surgical, medication-free neuropathy treatments for patients around Phoenix and across the state of Arizona, including Mesa.

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Dr. Patrick Sartz continues to support local communities by expanding his chiropractic center’s specialist treatments. The new expansions bring Dr. Sartz’s FDA-cleared strategies to patients in and around Mesa. His treatments are designed to produce long-term improvement and relief from peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

His chiropractic treatments are provided to meet a widespread need, with around twenty million people in the United States reporting symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. The disorder is characterized by nerve damage leading to numbness, tingling in the hands or feet, and cold sensations among other issues. As such, Dr. Sartz aims to reverse symptoms with his science-based approach.

Patients will benefit from the relief of pain and discomfort facilitated by Dr. Sartz’s treatment program. The Phoenix practice explained that decreased pain enables patients to forgo medications on which they had previously been reliant. By bringing pain to more manageable or non-existent levels, the office helps patients to enjoy a better quality of life.

The treatment program utilizes advanced scientific and technological methods designed to relieve pain by addressing blood flow in the extremities alongside any contributing external factors. According to the Phoenix center, Mesa patients who consistently implement Dr. Sartz’s advice will experience reduced cramps, more relaxed sleep, and solutions to their balance problems.

With the latest announcement, Dr. Sartz strives to fight peripheral neuropathy by bringing his alternative treatments to wider numbers of those affected by the condition. His at-home program is based on a comprehensive understanding of neuropathy, helping patients to target the underlying causes behind their symptoms for long-lasting healing.

“Six or seven weeks ago, I could hardly walk. I had a really hard time – I had no feeling whatsoever in my feet, almost up to my knees,” said one satisfied patient after treatment. “Now I have all kinds of feeling and very little pain in my feet and hands. Everything is great.”

Interested parties in Gilbert or elsewhere in the Phoenix metropolitan area are invited to visit to learn more about Dr. Sartz’s exclusive treatment program for peripheral neuropathy.