Ann Arbor MI On-Site Mobile Fleet Maintenance – Tire Repair Services Launched

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Menard’s Mobile Tire and Wheel launched mobile fleet maintenance and repair services for clients in Ann Arbor, MI. The goal is to offer convenient and cost-effective on-site tire repairs.

A Michigan-based automotive company, Menard’s Mobile Tire and Wheel, has announced the launch of its on-site fleet maintenance and repair services for clients in Ann Arbor, and nearby cities.

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The newly launched service enables clients to book and receive tire and wheel repair services at the place of their convenience. The company’s goal is to bring the repair shop to the client.

Numerous businesses today rely on a fleet of vehicles to deliver their services. Moving companies, logistics, HVAC, and delivery services, and many more industries use multiple trucks, vans, and cars to conduct their business every day. Most of these companies can’t afford the unnecessary downtime that inevitably occurs when they make the trip to the local shop for tire repairs.

Menard’s Mobile Tire and Wheel has a team of mobile technicians who can be deployed when the client needs it and conduct the necessary repairs and maintenance on the client’s job site, headquarters, on anywhere else. They can install new and repair flat tires, clean the wheels and the hub, perform mounting and balancing, and more.

They offer clients the opportunity to have custom fleet pricing and better control over their costs. The company has also made the administrative work that goes into ordering new tires more efficient with over-the-phone and online orders. Clients can maximize the lifespan of their fleet with convenient and cost-effective maintenance, and complimentary monthly checks and safety tips.

With this new launch, the company continues to uphold its commitment to providing innovative solutions for truck and van fleet maintenance designed to save clients time and resources.

Menard’s Mobile is a leading provider of mobile tire replacement and repair services in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company’s technicians are fully certified, experienced, and receive extensive training to provide a full line of maintenance solutions.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our experts will help you create a custom tire maintenance schedule aimed at extending the life of your tires, improving fleet performance, maximizing MPG, minimizing liability costs, and making each vehicle safer to drive.”

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