Underground Alternative Hip-Hop Artist – The Bushido Code – New Album Released

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Indie hip-hop artist O.G.G. Da Greatest has announced the release of his newest album, “The Bushido Code,” featuring the latest single, “Ima Walkin’ A.T.M (Stay Wit Money)”.

O.G.G. Da Greatest, an indie hip-hop artist based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has announced the release of his new album, “The Bushido Code” featuring his latest single, “Ima Walkin’ A.T.M (Stay Wit Money)“. The latest album is now available on all major streaming platforms.

To listen to The Bushido Code, visit https://ditto.fm/the-bushido-code

Additionally, the new single sees him channel his lyricism and charisma into a high-energy hip-hop track. Interested parties can find more information at https://www.musicgateway.com/blog/best-music-spotlight/ogg-ima-walkin-atm

Although O.G.G. Da Greatest now lives in Charlotte, he remains true to his Brooklyn roots; his music looks back at his early years in New York City. Many of his lyrics examine the path he took to rise through the music industry, from his early hardships to his current status as an indie hip-hop artist. The Bushido Code also explores his struggles with homelessness and mental health. However, O.G.G. Da Greatest music reflects his positivity and energy; his songs are about overcoming these challenges to achieve his artistic goals.

In “Ima Walkin’ A.T.M (Stay Wit Money)“, O.G.G. Da Greatest continues to reflect on his life as a musician. The song is about his gratitude that music allows him to earn a living while pursuing his passion. he recorded “Ima Walkin’ A.T.M (Stay Wit Money)” with fellow hip-hop artist G3 — they met coincidentally in Charlotte while he was at work. Together, the two artists recorded four tracks, including this latest production.

Throughout his career, O.G.G. Da Greatest has developed a reputation for rhythmic flow and clever wordplay. The latest release reflects his desire for high-energy hip-hop with soulful lyrics.

A spokesperson for the artist said: “O.G.G. Da Greatest’s latest single mixes his dynamically smooth flow with witty lyricism, braggadocio wordplay, rambunctious charm, charisma, high-energy and pure soul.”

The Charlotte hip-hop artist’s music has been described as appealing to fans of several leading offbeat rappers.

Interested listeners can explore the rest of O.G.G. Da Greatest’s work by visiting https://www.instagram.com/oggdagreatest/?hl=en