Englewood CO Permanent Lip Blush/Liner – Makeup Correction Services Launched

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Painted Ladies Pigments launched its permanent lip lining and lip blushing services in Englewood, CA. The Lip Blush and Lip Liner typically last three years.

Painted Ladies Pigments, a permanent makeup provider for Englewood, CO, launched lip blushing and lining services to offer the appearance of fuller lips for clients in the Englewood area.

For more information, go to https://www.paintedladypigments.com

The recently launched services in Englewood can help improve one’s lip color and clarify natural lip borders.

On average, American women spend $115 per month on makeup, which works out to $1,380 per year. This makes permanent makeup a potential money-saver.

The studio offers two different procedures for lips. Lip Blush provides tinting and some shaping while also evening out overall lip color. The tinting can be subtle or bold and lasts up to three years. Lip Liner defines lip edges and also lasts typically three years.

Both procedures are a two-visit process, requiring a follow-up appointment scheduled six to eight weeks after the initial session.

In addition to lip blushing and lining, Painted Ladies Pigments also offers various eyebrow shaping and coloring services, eyelash enhancement, permanent eyeliner, and faux freckles, as well as corrective work to fix poor previous permanent cosmetic application and tattoo removal.

Permanent makeup includes all the appearance-improving benefits of everyday makeup, but without the repetitive, boring, tedious chore of applying it daily. Many satisfied customers report that it saves them a lot of time getting ready to go out. It also provides those with unsteady hands or painful hand or wrist conditions, such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, with a viable alternative for cosmetic application.

With this launch, Painted Ladies Pigments’ cosmetic tattoo specialist, Bren Husher, continues to provide the greater Denver area with expert permanent makeup options. The pride she takes in her work is evident in every client’s face.

One five-star review reads: “Bren did an amazing job on my eyebrows and lips. I absolutely love how they turned out. I love being able to just get up and go. Bren is so talented and so incredibly loving. I loved my experience and have recommended her to friends and family.”

Interested parties looking for more details on Painted Lady Pigments and their services should visit https://www.paintedladypigments.com