Santa Clarita CA Detox – Drug/Alcohol Rehab And Recovery Center Opening Launch

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The opening of an alcohol and drugs rehabilitation center in Santa Clarita, CA has been announced by Divinity Recovery to supervise the effects of drug or alcohol withdrawal and assist with rehab.

Divinity Recovery has announced the opening of a new drug and alcohol detox center in Santa Clarita, CA. The new center extends the range of services offered in California by Divinity Recovery that operates the Divinity Recovery Centre in Woodland Hills, a sober living facility in Northridge, and another one in Granada Hills.

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The opening of the new detox center to help those with drug and alcohol addictions was announced in response to the increased demand for detoxification and rehabilitation services in California.

Personalized, co-created treatment plans are designed for each person by the professional team at Divinity to explore the underlying issues that are causing the behavior and how those issues might be addressed.

Individual and group sessions are available with behavioral health clinicians and addiction specialists who are using leading-edge, evidence-based treatments to help people on the path to recovery.

Both detox and rehab are available at the new center. The detox process is intended to rid the body of harmful substances while managing withdrawal symptoms which vary by person and depend on the chosen substance and the time period over which it has been used.

The rehab process is structured to help individuals stop using alcohol or drugs while equipping them with the skills to be able to cope with normal life and remain healthy. A rehab program involves therapy sessions, meetings, and treatments aimed at enabling a sober life to be led.

Following detox and rehab, individuals can be offered places at Divinity Recovery’s sober living facilities. The sober living facilities are supervised, independent living facilities that help individuals with the transition from inpatient rehab back to a normal, healthy life.

A spokesperson for Divinity Recovery said: “Through empowerment, encouragement, and education, our clients can take control of their lives, move through the darkness to find the light and purpose within themselves. Our clients learn how to make better decisions while also teaching them communication and self-care skills. We do so in an environment that is safe, welcoming, and free of judgment. Ensuring the comfort of our clients helps us ensure their success in our programs.”

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