Lancaster CA Autism Online Speech Therapy For Children/Adults Service Announced

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High Desert Speech and Language Center has just expanded its line of services to include remote tele-therapies and consultations for patients with autism.

High Desert Speech and Language Center in Lancaster, CA has just announced they will be offering tele-therapy and tele-consultations for children and adults with autism.

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This latest announcement will help patients with autism struggling with speech and language disorders access therapeutic treatments from home during the pandemic.

Communication and speech-related difficulties vary from person to person. While some are non-verbal, others enjoy conversing but struggle understanding body language and facial expressions when talking with others.

Speech and language therapy can help those with autism improve their verbal, nonverbal and social communication skills.

High Desert Speech and Language Center offers a wide range of tele-therapies that are suitable for both children and adults with autism, including articulation therapy, lip-reading, fluency therapy and accent and dialect instruction.

Potential patients must first be referred to the practice by their primary care physician. They will then be assessed by a professional at the High Desert Speech and Language Center in order to develop a diagnosis. The patient will then be prescribed customized therapy plan based on their specific needs.

All therapies prescribed by High Desert Speech are delivered by compassionate and qualified speech professionals. This ensures each patient receives the highest quality of care possible.

In addition to offering a range of tele-therapies for patients with autism, the practice also treats those with brain injuries, voice problems, development deficits and degenerative hearing loss.

This latest announcement is in line with the High Desert Speech and Language Center’s commitment to helping patients overcome speech and language difficulties throughout the pandemic.

Moreover, the practice has developed a strong reputation for its quality services and high-level of patient care.

One satisfied client said: “Our experience at High Desert Speech was amazing. My daughter had a speech delay and was experiencing sensory issues. Thank you Dr. Elle for listening and helping. All the clinicians that worked with us were trained equally as great. The level of care was superb.”

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