US Toddler Homeschooling Program – Preschool Interactive Online Lessons Launched

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A newly updated preschool learning program has been launched by Growing Brilliant Online Preschool Academy. They provide hands-on, interactive lessons for toddlers through video calls.

Growing Brilliant Online Preschool Academy have announced the launch of their updated live online preschool program. The California-based preschool offer children fun and educational virtual classes that can be taken from the comfort of their own home.

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The recently updated live online preschool program has been designed to allow children aged two to six years old to attend educational classes from home. All classes are taught by fully qualified preschool teachers, who strive to make each session engaging and enjoyable.

Via video chat, children will receive traditional, hands-on, and very interactive lessons, which are taught live and allow the children a chance to socialize as well as learn. Each class covers a variety of activities and themes, offering preschoolers the opportunity to create art, sculpt, sing, read, and much more.

Different programs are available according to the age of the child. Early Explorers is available for children aged two to three years old, Little Learners is for ages three to four, Kindergarten Readiness is for ages four to five, and Kindergarten Club is for ages five to six.

Parents can choose the best class schedule for their children and once enrolled can choose to have lessons two, three, or five days a week. Children can try a class for free and parents can book their trial session easily online.

Growing Brilliant send their students a recurring Curriculum Box which is filled with all the supplies required during the online classes. Items sent in the boxes include paints, crayons, and other crafting equipment, and these are included in the price of the tuition fees.

A parent has said of their experience: “Growing Brilliant is easy and flexible. My daughter is very engaged with the teacher and class and looks forward to it every time. A great option for those looking for more structure for their preschooler while staying at home.”

Those wishing to find out more about Growing Brilliant Online Preschool Academy can contact them at 833-255-5758. Interested parties can also book their first session at