Drag And Drop Post Click Landing Page Builder/Editor – Conversion Service Launch

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Landing page building platform Instapage has launched updates to its drag and drop editing software, designed to streamline lead generation and increase conversion rates for online businesses.

Instapage, web solutions and marketing specialists based in San Francisco, CA, have launched their updated landing page builder platform. The launch offers online business owners a range of powerful page-building tools with built-in marketing features to increase conversion rates and drive revenue growth.

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Instapage provides users with a simple, drag and drop page editor to ensure their landing pages offer optimized performance for potential customers. The specially designed editor offers targeted marketing for specific products, increasing conversion rates by focusing on the subject of click-through advertisements.

Landing pages, also known as lead capture pages, are web domains whose sole purpose is to generate business. This can be achieved via capturing information through simple online forms, turning consumer browsing into solid leads, or by converting interest into actual sales.

The platform allows users to simplify their promotional strategies, ensuring site visitors are met with a clean and streamlined page that makes navigation and purchase intuitive and hassle-free. The company advocate for post-click landing pages to ensure leads turn into paying customers and online businesses get the most out of their paid advert campaigns.

Instapage subscribers can enjoy a range of advanced features. These include the drag and drop editor, seamless integration with mail and marketing tools such as Marketo and Mailchimp. Also included are analytics and mobile optimization.

Subscribers also benefit from customizable templates, access to professional stock images, as well as an expertly curated Conversion Marketing Resource Library with webinars and educational articles on improving traffic, increasing conversions, and maximizing ROI.

Users can expect to see a 400% increase in conversion rates, joining the thousands of profitable businesses that employ the company’s services. They have the opportunity to choose from a range of plans depending on their requirements with further savings available on annual rather than monthly payments.

Instapage are software and online marketing specialists, combining technological and web design expertise with revenue-driven promotional strategies to ensure their users make the most of their ad budget spending.

A satisfied client says, “Instapage gives us the ability to tailor our landing page content and layout to tell a unique story for each geographical target. Every marketing team needs this.”

With the launch of their updated platform, the company continues to make streamlined customer experience and increased ROI a reality for business owners everywhere.

For more information, interested parties can visit http://superiorlanding.com