Plainville CT Back Pain Chiropractic Care – Herniated Disc Health Service Launch

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Pion Chiropractic LLC in Plainville, Connecticut updates its chiropractic care services for residents suffering from chronic pain. The clinic uses a holistic approach to wellness.

Pion Chiropractic LLC announces its updated chiropractic care services for patients suffering from chronic pain in Plainville, Connecticut. The multi-awarded integrative medicine clinic specializes in treating pain in the back, neck, or joints.

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The updated services feature the latest techniques in pain management, including alternative therapy for tennis elbow pain. The team at Pion Chiropractic regularly attends educational seminars to learn the newest research in chiropractic care and offer high-quality compassionate therapy to all its patients.

Emerging research on chiropractic care suggests that alternative therapy may reduce the need for surgery or pharmaceutical drugs. When done by a certified professional, patients may experience a noticeable reduction in their pain and eliminate the need for continual medication, consequently saving money in the long run.

The clinic is committed to improving the quality of life of all its patients. It understands that chronic pain, even at its lowest severity, can impact how a person goes about their day. That is why it created its personalized pain management plans meant for the lower back, neck, elbow, or any other area that is causing distress.

Once a patient arrives at the clinic, they will go through a thorough consultation so that the chiropractor has an overview of their lifestyle, concern, and other issues that may be contributing to their pain. The clinic takes a holistic approach in its pain management treatments and develops custom therapy plans for each patient.

Despite common perception, chiropractic care is more than just a massage or spine realignment. It also focuses on lifestyle and nutritional plans that prevent pain from recurring. The goal of the clinic is to address the underlying cause of the condition instead of merely treating its symptoms.

Pion Chiropractic continues its mission of helping residents live a pain-free life through personalized and compassionate chiropractic services.

A satisfied client wrote, “Dr. Pion and his staff are caring, and my treatment plan has been effective regarding my chronic spinal health issues. I am grateful to have found them.”

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