Plainfield IN Back Pain Management Rehabilitation Center Treatments Launched

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NRG Physiotherapy has launched a newly updated pain-relief program range for patients in Plainfield, IN. They provide custom solutions with a view to getting patients back to peak fitness faster.

A newly updated physiotherapy and pain relief treatment range has been launched by Plainfield, IN-based specialist, NRG Physiotherapy. They specialize in helping clients to alleviate pain and injury so that they can enjoy their life with a more active lifestyle.

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The newly updated service uses three central elements to ensure a more effective healing process for clients. The team helps active adults, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts get pain free even if they have already tried and failed other doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, medications, injections, and surgeries.

The first step is to provide injured parties or pain sufferers with an accurate diagnosis. This is essential to ensuring the right custom treatment plan can be designed.

Following the initial diagnosis, patients receive a comprehensive full-body evaluation. It’s here where the specialist team will target each problem area in the patient’s body with a customized treatment solution.

This plan is designed with the best results in mind, allowing patients to get back to peak health and fitness faster. Care plans ensure that patients are moving well, and are based on self-care routines that align with pre-existing habits patients have already established.

For those suffering from long-term pain or chronic injury, getting in touch with a physical therapist is one of the most effective ways of improving their health and wellbeing.

NRG Physiotherapy has a highly trained team who are experienced at treating pain at the source. Treatments include stretching, pain-relief exercises, and specific movements designed to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

A number of different programs are available at NRG Physiotherapy. These include NRG Rx and NRG Pro.

The NRG Rx model is a membership solution that includes eight 1-hour sessions and ten 30-minute appointments with the goal of helping patients to achieve a pain-free lifestyle. NRG Pro is a premium rehab program based on custom routines and includes a deep dive into bodywork and movement.

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A satisfied patient said: “Chad is an amazing Physiologist who cares about his clients and truly wants to see their success. He will not only help you with whatever your combatting but explain how different things will help and why they will help. He breaks stuff down to make people understand the body in a way that they can grasp and absorb. I highly recommend NRGphysio to anyone who has any type of pain to in their knee, back, neck, shoulders, Chad can definitely help and put you on the right track to becoming pain-free!”

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