New Studies Suggest Zinc May Enhance Heart Beat, Experts Reveal

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( — June 10, 2021) Orlando, FL — Health authorities have long been strongly recommending to resort to useful measures in taking better care of the heart. By doing this, the heart is able to beat and function properly.

According to researchers, the heart beats at a speed that relies on the changing need for oxygen. This may vary according to one’s activities within the day. This means that a normal heart rate may vary from one person to another. 

It is further worth realizing that an unusually high resting heart rate may indicate an increased risk of heart attack and even death. 

Dr. Paula Johnson says that one simple thing people can do is to check their resting heart rate. It’s fairly easy to do, and having the information can help down the road.

Johnson is a cardiologist and former chief of the Division of Women’s Health at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

There are ways to maintain and enhance heart rate and one is through engaging in exercise activities regularly. In some large observational studies, it has been found that there is a link between high aerobic capacity and decreased risk of heart attack and disease.

When it comes to regulating heartbeat naturally, it is recommended to use minerals like zinc. In multiple research studies, this mineral has been found to exert various mechanisms in enhancing and protecting heart health.

Researchers from the University of Leicester carried out a study. 

In this research, it has been found that zinc plays a major role in regulating the manner that calcium moves in the heart cells. 

It is worth noting that in normal instances, calcium is released through “gates” known as type-2 ryanodine receptors (RyR2).

It is vital to have proper control of these gates as excessive release of calcium may result not just in heart failure but also fatal arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat).

The scientists looked into individual heart cells and discovered that zinc interacts with and modulates RyR2 function directly. This means that it plays an important role in your body’s release of intracellular calcium stores.

This trace mineral called zinc is also found to neutralize free radicals, and this action works in inhibiting the development of chronic ailments like heart disease. 

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