Seattle WA Non GMO Organic Soap – Cruelty Free And Vegan Products Launched

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A newly updated vegan soap range has been launched by Scoop Marketplace. They offer quality natural products made from non GMO, cruelty free ingredients.

Scoop Marketplace have announced the launch of a new raw and organic soap product. The handcrafted soap band shampoo bar is 100% vegan and has multiple skincare uses.

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The newly updated Booda Soap & Shampoo Bar (Suds of Love) is an all-in-one, handcrafted bar made using a traditional cold process. This gentle way of production preserves the nourishing, certified organic raw oils used in the soap.

The bar is deeply hydrating and produces a rich, creamy lather. The skin-friendly ingredients used in the soap include olive oil, coconut oil, Fair Trade shea butter, and filtered spring water. It is completely free from palm oil, wax and additives.

The soap’s natural and unscented formula means it has multiple applications for all areas of the body. It can be used to cleanse the body and face, as well as in conjunction with a natural loofah for exfoliation.

To prevent shaving irritation, the mild soap can be used to work up a creamy lather in place of shaving foam to leave skin soft and smooth. The store say it is also an ideal shampoo, gently cleansing the hair and soothing the scalp without stripping its natural oils.

It can also be simply deployed as a hand-washing soap by customers’ kitchen and bathroom sinks. Use cases extend beyond skincare, as it is an effective stain remover for laundry and can be used to wash the dishes.

Scoop Marketplace began its life in Seattle, WA and is a zero-waste grocery store. They offer their customers package-free groceries, lifestyle products and home care goods online and at their new location in Kirkland, WA.

A spokesperson has said: “On our mission to normalize zero waste grocery shopping, we are passionately teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives while learning to walk more gently on the planet.”

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