Entrepreneurship Class/Ecommerce For Beginners – Revenue Blueprint Launched

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Green Frog Digital is offering an updated version of its online business course, which helps aspiring entrepreneurs ideate and launch internet-based ventures monetizing what they know and love online.

Green Frog Digital, a consultancy teaching digital entrepreneurship, announces the launch of its updated online business course – DOBI – Discover Your Online Business Idea. This entrepreneurship program teaches everyday people how to turn their hobbies, skills, interests, and talents into online business ideas that can be monetized online.

Green Frog Digitals’ DOBI course is available via Green Frog Digital DOBI

The course helps aspiring entrepreneurs identify powerful ideas that can be translated into profitable revenue-generating opportunities and shows them how to turn what they know and are interested in, into unique and inspiring business opportunities that allow them to become their own boss, create more financial security, and feel more prepared for the future without having to look externally for more options, especially in times of uncertainty, change and opportunity.

“With global restrictions impacting many people’s income, the internet has made working for oneself available to anyone who wants to start their own business, regardless of their education or background. All you need a business idea that inspires you to take action and to equip yourself with the right tools. At Green Frog Digital we share the most effective and affordable digital marketing tools, in easy ways to support our students and clients in being successful online” – says Tanya McKey, founder of Green Frog Digital.

Green Frog Digitals’ view is that if you’re going to start a business, you might as well use as much of your accumulated experience and knowledge so that you feel more confident in starting a business. While it might be simple to start a business, it is not always easy, and therefore, you want to give yourself the best chance of success by leveraging everything that you have, especially those skills and passions that make you feel good because trying to make money out of something you must learn from scratch can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. Going digital and learning online marketing is already a new skill to acquire and taking on too much can lead to failure to launch. As Tanya McKey says – “You have to use what you have and learn the tools to turn it into products people want and it doesn’t have to be difficult”.

Digital entrepreneurship is the future of entrepreneurship. Now more than ever, people are craving more freedom to do the things that they want, when they want – they crave flexibility and financial freedom and they’re craving connection with like-minded people. With the convenience of transacting online, across geographical borders, twenty-four hours a day, starting an online business allows for faster sales and easy returns with minimal financial outlay in any niche. This opens the opportunity for go-getters, regardless of age, sex, education, income, or geographical background, to start their own businesses online and offer value to like-minded people who they can continually serve because they now have access to tools and proven frameworks to be successful online.

“The beauty of the internet is, whether you are just starting or starting over, want a side-hustle or passion project, you can leverage your skills, life experience, talents, hobbies, and passions online into revenue-generating opportunities and diversify your income streams,” says Tanya. “Education, problem-solving, and added value is what people are after and they’re mostly looking for it online. When you fine-tune your business ideas to align with what people want and give to them easily and in the way that resonates with them – you’re in business.”

That said, many people do not have the business or technical know-how to successfully start an online business. In response, Green Frog Digital decided to create a program that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs the step-by-step process for doing so.

Discover Your Online Business Idea has been made free to all beginner entrepreneurs who are looking to learn how to make money online in an easy-to-follow blueprint. The downloadable mini-course workbook consists of quick timed exercises presented in three modules and takes approximately forty-five minutes to complete the course. This course can be done at your convenience and for best results, it’s recommended to complete the course in one sitting.

This course is divided into two sections, with the first discussing how to brainstorm and assess winning business ideas. Exercises include identifying and blending skills and interests to come up with unique and personalized business ideas.

These ideas are analyzed in the second half of the course, weighing the pros and cons of each business idea, and tackles the operational and logistical considerations for turning a business idea into reality before finally choosing the final idea to start exploring.

As a bonus, the course includes five quick-start strategies to turn the idea into an online business without having to figure it all out yourself. From where to test your online business idea, to identifying your target market, finding digital products and services your target market wants to buy, and getting all the tools and resources you need in getting set up online – including a free website template that is specifically set up. This practical course is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs get their online businesses off the ground without the overwhelm of learning technology.

Green Frog Digital is a leading online entrepreneurship consultancy that aims to empower people with the skills to become self-made entrepreneurs. They teach the essentials in how to build sustainable online businesses and how to create digital assets that allow for recession-proof and passive income opportunities through email marketing, automated sales funnels, and affiliate marketing.

Founder Tanya McKey says: “The future of commerce is digital and our free course helps people thrive in this exciting and evolving landscape.”

Freedom seekers may visit https://www.greenfrogdigital.com if they need further information about the company and its courses.