Operating Expenses Auditing – Business Cost-Reduction Expert Strategy Launched

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Evolved Profits updated their revenue recovery strategies to provide cost-cutting strategies that can substantially increase a client’s operating budget.

Evolved Profits, a provider of purpose-driven cost reduction strategies, recently updated their revenue recovery strategies to help companies reduce their costs.

More details can be found at https://www.evolvedprofitspartner.com

The recently updated services aim to provide unique solutions to cutting operating expenses for a diverse range of businesses with no out-of-pocket expenditures, while also making a real impact on the world.

Nine out of ten companies Evolved Profits has worked with were paying too much for essential services. Across the board, even after performing their own internal audits and introducing spending reduction measures, clients have experienced 18% cost savings.

The company’s system is simple, starting with reviewing the client’s past months of vendor spending. Their category spend specialists have on average over 20 years of experience in their focus category. They analyze the client’s spending against 25,000+ previous similar audits.

The team turns the spend specialists’ insights into actionable suggestions for potential alternatives at or above the same level of quality, but at a lower price. At the client’s direction, they can negotiate new contracts with the alternative vendors, or renegotiate contracts with existing vendors.

All savings are split halfway between Evolved Profits and the client. Five percent of Evolved Profits portion of the savings goes to the client’s chosen impact project, to be optionally matched by the client.

Research from Deloitte says that companies that work toward a purpose have three times the growth than competitors, on average. They also enjoy higher workforce happiness, better customer satisfaction levels, and more market share gains.

Evolved Profits have been helping companies function more efficiently since 2010, recovering over $1 billion and generating over $50 million in impact funding, benefiting management, employees, consumers, and the global community.

A CFO client since 2014 reports: “When Evolved Profits reviewed our fees and provided analysis showing us we were overpaying by $32,000 in the last year, I was flabbergasted. Armed with data from you, they reduced our fees that provided savings to almost $30,000 per year. Still surprised but could not have accomplished this without your assistance.”

Interested parties can visit https://www.evolvedprofitspartner.com to learn more about the available cost-reduction solutions, and impact initiatives.