Recycled Plastic Bottle Socks – Fitness/Environmental Tree Campaign Announced

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Boomhi announced a new environmental campaign, designed to plant trees for every pair of socks sold. The One Tree Planted campaign also encourages fitness and wellness by planting trees for fitness activities.

Boomhi has launched a new environmental campaign alongside AtlasGO to preserve the outdoors. Known for their sustainable and environmentally friendly sock products, Boomhi is now behind a new fitness initiative.

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The newly announced campaign aims to plant one tree per pair of Boomhi socks ordered. The One Tree Planted campaign also encourages wellness and physical activity by motivating customers to take part in outdoor and fitness activities.

Boomhi believes that environmental responsibility is vital for businesses. For this reason, they are committed to minimizing their carbon footprint, but also working towards making the earth greener.

As part of their campaign, they strive to plant one billion trees in order to create a more sustainable future. Trees are important due to the fact that they contribute massively to CO2 absorption, with a mature tree absorbing 48 pounds of CO2 every year.

The Fit4Trees campaign, launched by Boomhi, One Tree Planted, and AtlasGO, encourages people to take part in a range of fitness activities in order to plant trees. A walk or hike plants 0.25 trees per mile, while a swimming session plants 1 tree per mile and picking up trash plants 1 tree per hour.

The company has an established history of sustainability throughout its product range. They have developed a new neuro-haptic technology, called Elevated Mind Technology. This is a distinct pattern within the fabric of the sock. When contact is made with this pattern, it triggers a response in the brain that creates feelings of optimism, happiness and joy.

Boomhi socks are made from an average of three recycled plastic bottles each. Therefore, with every pair, customers are recycling 6 plastic bottles on average, which in turn means less plastic waste.

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During the sock-creation process, plastic bottles are collected, cleaned and trasported to the regeneration facility where they are turned into a durable, comfortable thread. The company also uses recycled materials for packaging.

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