5 Tips To Keep in Mind Before You Enter Into a Career in Gaming

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(Newswire.net — June 3, 2021) — Over the past few years, the gaming industry has generated lucrative career opportunities for the modern player. Big money e-sports tournaments such as the Fortnite world cup accumulate massive prize pools worth over 15 million dollars. 

The upside of a professional gaming career, you do not have to follow a fixed schedule of working 9-5, and you get to retire early if successful. Such is the case for Jaden, alias “Wolfiez”, who made his first million at 15 years. 

Many youngsters are being drawn to working full-time as gamers or as operators in the gaming industry. The industry is broad, and you can choose from being a game developer, animator, game producer, games manager, commentator, or graphic designer. It is currently a multi-billion dollar industry exceeding $300 billion in value.

Gaming is indeed a career worth considering, and here are five beginner tips. 

1. Start Building A Professional Profile

To become a professional gamer, you will need to horn your skills. It helps to have an open mind as the gaming industry is ever-evolving, and learning must be constant. In today’s world, you can access extensive learning materials online. Sites such as Google or YouTube are a beginner’s resource center for gaming hacks.

Also, you can sign up for online courses on platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, or personal interactions with professional gamers who have been in the gaming industry for an extended period.

Academic institutions such as universities and colleges now offer gaming courses for those who want to work in progressive teams. If you see yourself setting up a  gaming company or a professional gaming team, a university education goes a long way to master the dynamics.

2. Programming Skills are Mandatory for Game Developers

If you have good programming skills, getting started becomes child’s play. After gaining an education as a game developer, start by gaining experience through internships. Experience is the distinguishing factor in the gaming industry. Try and be active in the online gaming community or even create your own website and network with others.

Once your website is active, build and send your portfolio to different game companies. Your aim here is to learn and develop experience. Try not to focus on making money at this stage but focus more on building your résumé and skills.

3. Build your Social Network


It is good to have an online portfolio though it might not be enough. It would be best if you grew steadily in the gaming industry. You will need to have a social and friendly approach with other gamers in the same career path.

Social media has made it easy and possible to find the right network for your gaming career. Doing so will prepare you for any level of challenge in the gaming industry. You will also get to learn about new opportunities and trends in the market.

Try and attend any meet-ups or gaming conferences within your area to become more knowledgeable.

4. Positive and Negative Aspects of working for Small or Large Gaming Companies

Applying for a gaming position in a large or small company is a tough decision. It is better to collaborate for a large gaming company; you will receive job security, better pay, or more opportunities to rise above the ranks.

As for a small company, you will have more input in the company and studio, and likely you will do more than one job. The disadvantage of small gaming companies is the limited resources and the challenge of gaining recognition or attracting expert gamers.

A large company also has disadvantages such as less career flexibility, not being noticed individually, and contributing less to projects. It is up to you to find a company where you will grow and perfect your skills.

5. Consistency is Key

If you desire to pursue a profession in gaming, it is vital to have patience and tough skin in the face of adversity. Be ready to invest considerable time as well as finances in this profession. There are two careers to choose from, employment or self-employment. You have to conceptualize your long-term goal before pursuing a gaming career.

Why the UK is Considered an Elite Gaming Landscape

According to data collected in 2020, the value for the UK market recorded a staggering 7 billion Euros. This was a 30% increase from the previous year despite the pandemic. Matter of fact, the pandemic stimulated the gaming industry and offered viable avenues for people to supplement their incomes. Thousands of gamers have profited from licensed gaming operators like sky vegas login, and thousands more launched their professional careers. Even better, the industry is projected to grow exponentially in the next decade.  

A career in gaming is rewarding to consistent gamers, but you have to be patient. Following the above steps will help develop a road map to a successful career.