Female Influencer Merchandise – Custom Apparel/Jewelry Branding Service Launched

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Boston’s very own international social media influencer, thought leader and business coach for female entrepreneurs named Melissa Que of My Brand My Merch has launched a new print on demand merchandising service specifically targeted to female entrepreneurs, business owners and influencers.

My Brand My Merch, a printing and branding agency based in Boston, Massachusetts, has launched a new service designed specifically for women who have a personal brand or business. This new print on demand merchandising service has been launched to help female entrepreneurs maximize brand visibility.

More details are available at https://mybrandmymerch.com

The new launch coincides with the latest statistics from Statista on custom merchandising, with custom t-shirt printing alone forecast to reach a value of $3.1 billion in the US market by 2025.

As influencers and modern entrepreneurs increasingly begin to take advantage of this growing market, it is My Brand My Merch’s mission to provide accessible, easy and financially profitable merchandising options.

In this fast-growing market, the agency believes that unique and high-quality personalized brand merchandise can expand a brand’s reach, platform and following, whether their client is a politician, influencer, speaker, author, coach or business owner.

In their new range for female entrepreneurs, My Brand My Merch is offering branded apparel, jewelry, footwear, mugs and home accessories. All of these customizable and unique items are suitable for retail to followers and fans, or to sell or distribute during any number of publicity events.

My Brand My Merch is also now offering a range of packages to suit the size of their client’s business and existing market reach, from a starter package to a corporate package which includes 20 fully branded product lines.

The company oversees all stages of the design and branding process, including full store and site setup. They can either base their branding on their client’s existing style and platform, or their skilled design team will work completely from the ground up.

With a network of partner fulfilment services and experienced design teams across the US, My Brand My Merch is uniquely positioned to establish a client’s branding merchandise store in a timely, efficient and profitable manner.

Melissa Que the founder and CEO of MBMM believes: “You’ve worked hard to build a brand or a following and now it’s time to sell more of you with our ‘done for you’ print on demand business. “These are exciting times for small businesses and entrepreneurs especially and with custom merchandise anything is possible

and “We bring your ideas to life with a website and hundreds of unique personally branded merchandising items. Get on a call today with our team and we will explain the whole process and create the perfect package for all your personalized business needs.”

More information on their visibility enhancing branding services is available at https://mybrandmymerch.com