5 Interesting and Easy to Grow Plants for Your Garden

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(Newswire.net — June 3, 2021) — The pandemic has brought us into lockdowns and caused massive changes in our everyday lives. As a result, people were cut off from gatherings and other social events. That means many people spend most of their time at home thinking about what’s nice to do next. Thus, many people find themselves occupied even by plants and gardening.

There is no doubt a garden can make outside your home more refreshing and welcoming. Furthermore, gardening also provides multiple benefits for you and your whole family. You may be fascinated by its beauty, but there is more than that. Simply said, you grow beautiful plants and you grow a healthier body too!

Creating your garden may be a lot of work especially if you are new to it. Thus, you must have enough knowledge of the different plants. In addition, it is also important that you have the necessary knowledge on how to take good care of them. Here, we list down the interesting and easy-to-grow plants you will surely love for your garden.

1. Snake Plant

The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is one of the most interesting plants you can have. This plant is also popular because of its hardy and tall leaves. It can grow about six to eight feet tall. Snake plants have many varieties but it mostly has green leaves with yellow borders. This plant can be indestructible and can even grow indoors.

You don’t have to worry much about growing this mother in law plant as it is easy to grow. It can survive in either bright or low light conditions. However, it would be best to plant them in locations where they can get direct sunlight for at least a few hours per day. For best results, it is best to repot them during spring. 

Snake plants are also helpful as air purifiers. Thus, making your environment healthier. As these plants are drought-resistant, remember not to overwater them. Instead, water them every three to four weeks during warmer months. 

2. Daffodil

Daffodil is one of the easiest plants to grow in your garden. Aside from being visually pleasing, it is also known to be pest-free. They are also known as the spring bulb plant. Its beautiful blooms are a wonderful sign of spring! If you plant daffodils during autumn, they will surely grow in winter and early spring. They can then amazingly grow in the ground for years.

Daffodils are best as shrubs or borders for your garden. Its bright yellow blooms will surely add color to your garden, making it more refreshing to look at. Furthermore, it is also crucial to choose a place where your daffodils can get full to partial sunlight. They also grow well in moist but well-drained soil. Enjoy the additional beauty in your garden when they grow their “daughter” bulbs after some time.

3. Lenten Rose

If you are finding the easiest plant to grow in your garden, lenten is the best one for you! They can bloom in purple, red, yellow, green, lavender, and even in pink. This plant will surely make your garden colorful and more alive. It is called lenten rose because it can grow during the Lent season and it also has rose-like shaped flower buds. 

They can be gorgeously a great ground cover for your garden. To take care of the lenten rose, you must keep their soil moist for them to grow. However, avoid consistent wet soil for your lenten rose as it can easily attract diseases to the plant. Remember also to keep them safe and sheltered from winter winds with light fabric or cold frames.

4. Impatiens

Impatiens is also known as the “Bus Lizzie” plant. It is best to plant the impatiens after the last spring frost. They can grow to about six to thirty inches tall. Thus, it is essential to plant them eight to twelve inches apart for better results. The most important part when taking care of the impatiens is by watering them regularly. However, the soil must also be well-drained for them to grow.

If you let this plant dry out, it will lose its leaves. If you also leave them too wet, the plant may attract fungal diseases. If you plan to place them in containers, the plant then needs more water to survive.

5. Hydrangea

The hydrangea plant is popular because of its undeniable appeal and stunning beauty. Anyone would surely develop an interest in this plant. They may look high-maintenance, but hydrangea is one of the easiest plants to grow! This plant can grow in spring and summer and can grow up to fifteen feet tall.

When is the best time to plant the hydrangeas? Planting them in early spring can give them enough time to establish healthy and strong roots. Furthermore, it is also best for them to grow in a place where they can get enough morning sun. Most importantly, water them well until the plant gets well-established.


Enough knowledge and sincerity are needed to successfully grow beautiful blooms in your garden. Not only can these plants create beauty in your homes but also bring comfort and peace to your life. This may be the best time to connect with nature and make your life healthier than ever.