Hamilton ON Phlebotomy Workshop – RN/IMG Skills Training Certification Launched

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Canadian College of Healthcare and Pharmaceutics has launched a phlebotomy workshop. The 5-hour workshop teaches phlebotomy skills, and students receive a certificate upon completion.

Canadian College of Healthcare and Pharmaceutics (CCHAP), a private career college located in Toronto, has launched a phlebotomy workshop. The college offers a variety of vocational training programs and skills workshops to help students develop professionally.

More information is available at https://cchap.ca

With the launch of the workshop, the college aims to give students the information and practical experience they need to become a phlebotomist.

In the Canadian healthcare industry, qualified phlebotomists are always in demand. Due to the need for blood drawing in a wide variety of medical facilities, phlebotomists can work in many different settings. Though an undergraduate degree is not required to practice phlebotomy, employers typically only hire those who have obtained a professional certification.

CCHAP gives students the credentials they need to begin a stable career in the healthcare industry. The course is taught by a qualified instructor with extensive industry experience, and the workshop’s small group size allows students to receive personalized attention.

As many past students are currently working as phlebotomists, the workshop has a proven track record of preparing students for employment in the healthcare sector.

The training begins with an overview of the anatomy and physiology information related to phlebotomy. As phlebotomists are patient-facing healthcare workers, part of the workshop focuses on patient interaction. Many patients are uncomfortable with needles and the sight of blood, so it is important for phlebotomists to develop rapport with their patients.

In addition, students learn how to use venipuncture equipment, and opportunities for hands-on practice are provided. The course introduces collection site preparation practices, the sample collection process, and the safety precautions taken when handling samples.

The five-hour workshop is completed in a single day, and a certificate is issued upon completion of the program. Further, students can access career guidance after the conclusion of the training.

A spokesperson for the college said: “The CCHAP is a premier professional career college for healthcare and pharmaceutics professionals in Canada and globally. We aim to bridge gaps in training for Canadians and recent immigrants to help them excel in their careers.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://cchap.ca