AI Data-Driven Diversity and Inclusion Report – Workplace Equity Guide Launched

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Austin, Texas-based Weeve LLC has just released a new report that discusses how to use hard data to inform an employer’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Weeve LLC, an employee feedback startup based in Austin, Texas, announces the launch of a new report. The latest volume discusses how to harness real-world data to improve corporate diversity and inclusion efforts.

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This resource was published to help workplaces be more equitable, which gives businesses a competitive edge in the long run. It is free to access for all via Weeve’s newsroom section.

Diversity and inclusion have become increasingly important to applicants, with 67% of job seekers saying it is a consideration when evaluating employers. An inclusive workforce is also beneficial to business, as companies with racially and ethnically diverse employees generate 36% more revenue.

This is because the more diverse the employee pool is, the more diverse their perspectives will be. One study found that inclusive teams make better decisions 87% of the time, thus leading to better business results.

Weeve’s new report emphasizes the importance of reaching out to employees to uncover and address blind spots. Hence, assessment and feedback are the most useful tools that employers can use to address inequities in the workplace.

In a similar vein, companies can use feedback tools such as Weeve to crowd-source solutions to existing problems. Since employees have a say in how issues will be tackled, it is also easier to get their buy-in once the solution is rolled out.

The resource also highlights the need for change management to ensure that new policies will be implemented organization-wide. Likewise, it notes that fighting unconscious bias should be an ongoing effort as offices become ever more diverse in the future.

Weeve is a leading tech startup that uses AI technology to streamline inter-office communications. Its tool helps companies understand and respond to employee needs so they can be more productive in their jobs.

A spokesperson says: “Diversity and inclusion in the workplace have been widely discussed areas in which a company should assess, grow, and implement as part of their company culture. Companies should revamp their practices, so employees feel included and that they are an important part of the organization.”

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