Simple but Effective Home Makeover Ideas

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( — August 4, 2022) — If you’re looking to makeover your home in a simple yet effective way, this article is for you. We’re going to take a look at some of the best ways you can transform your interior space without breaking the bank. Whether you’re hoping to get crafty and create some decor pieces or you’re just looking for inspiration, read on! 

Create a gallery wall 

Creating a gallery wall in your home with the help of a picture hanging service can be a great way to add style and character. There are so many inexpensive prints available out there and all you need to do is add a few frames to personalize the space further. Collect some wooden vintage frames or opt for more modern styles. If you like to mix and match on a regular basis but are afraid of leaving too many holes in your walls, think about adding a picture rail to hang your paintings from — there are plenty of brilliant options out there. 

Bring in greenery 

Plants are a great addition to any home and they can drastically change the way an interior space looks and feels. If you have shelves already fitted on your walls, hanging plants such as ivy can add a dramatic yet sophisticated edge. Likewise, large houseplants such as palms can bring a tropical atmosphere into your home. If you live with pets, be mindful of any plants that could be toxic to them before buying! 

Upholster your headboard 

If you’re looking to transform your bedroom space, upholstering your headboard can be a really effective way to do it. By upholstering with an eye-catching print, you’ll bring about a new focal point in the space. All you need is some simple DIY skills along with the fabric of your choice and a staple gun. If you have an extra budget you might want to check Isaak for Fabric bed frames for an upgrade.

Decorate with a feature wallpaper 

Feature wallpapers can create a brand-new look in a space that was previously a blank canvas. Whether you enjoy bold floral prints or incorporate a more subdued design, wallpaper print is a great feature that adds a superb decorative aspect to the room. Maybe you will wallpaper behind the fireplace in the lounge or only cover one wall in the kitchen, whatever you choose you’ll be surprised at how different your interior will look by the end! 

Upcycle an old piece of furniture

Be it your bedroom draws or a desk, there are many ways you can give a piece of furniture a new lease of life. Painting wooden items in a bright new color is just one example of upcycling. There are also other things you can do such as replacing handles, hinges, and even adding hand-painted decorations if you’re feeling extra creative. 

Rearrange your room

This makeover idea involves spending no money at all (bonus) and is probably one of the most effective ways to transform a space. Rearranging furniture in a room to create a whole new layout is an easy way you can bring about a new look to your room. Whether you move your bed so it’s more central or switch up the way your sofas are laid out, there’s plenty of ways to rearrange a space. 

Hang a few mirrors

Mirrors create the illusion of more space and are a great decorative touch for any home. If you have some bare walls in your home, they could look totally different with some quirky mirrors hanging from them. No matter the type of decor you have in your home, there are all types of mirrors to choose from. And the best part is, mirrors add practicality and style all at the same time. 

Consider adding textiles

Textiles span from simple bedding to ornate throws you might hang in your home, and there’s plenty of scopes to add more! Consider buying some new cushion covers for your sofa or even hang up a tapestry on the wall as a feature. There are so many ways that you can incorporate textiles into your space to bring about warmth, color, and style at the same time. 

Focus on lighting 

If your home doesn’t already have any decorative lighting, now could be the time to add some. Candles are a fantastic go-to and they can be used to add a stylish touch to tables, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. You may also want to think about your main lighting and how it is presented. There are so many ways to add a sophisticated touch by utilizing lighting fixtures. From single hanging bulbs above kitchen worktops to modern chandeliers. Why not change your lighting and create a whole new atmosphere at the same time? 

There are many ways you can simply but effectively make over your home. No matter the budget you’re working with, your home is guaranteed to look better with only a bit of extra effort. Even the smallest of changes can make your house look like an entirely new home! 

Creating a gallery wall in your home with the help of a picture hanging service can be a great way to add style and character.