Hands-Free Dog Leash For Jogging – Adjustable/Easy Grip Handle Range Launched

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Pet accessory specialists SparklyPets have launched an updated 2-in-1, hands-free dog leash with a load bearing, shock-absorbing bungee cord and padded handles.

SparklyPets, pet accessory specialists based in North Highlands, CA, have launched an updated 2-in-1, hands-free leash for dog owners. The leash is made from shock-absorbing bungee and comes with padded handles for extra comfort, reflective strips for safety and visibility while out walking, as well as a specially designed storage bag.

More details can be found here on their Amazon listing.

The launch provides dog-walkers with a dual purpose leash that combines hands-free functionality while giving users the option of a traditional hand-held leash.

Regular exercise through walking is not only essential for dogs’ health but their owners too. Statistics suggest that owning a dog increases leisure-time exercise by an average of 70%. A hands-free leash enables dog-walkers to raise their activity levels further by making pursuits such as jogging easy.

Dog owners can benefit from a range of features including belt safety clips which ensure the leash will not slip when being used in hands-free mode. A support mechanism distributes weight evenly, ensuring that tension on the leash will not overload the plastic buckle.

Switching between hands-on and hands-free mode takes a matter of seconds with a convenient, intuitive design. An easy grip handle allows dog owners to assume more control of their pet while the leash is in hands-free mode.

The SparklyPets hands-free leash provides extra length so that dogs are able to run ahead, alongside or behind their owners. The bungee cord can stretch up to 68 inches for optimal range and flexibility.

Formed in 2016, SparklyPets offer a unique range of hard-wearing, professional pet products to help owners and animals alike get the most of their physical activity time. The company is run by life-long dog owners, providing a unique angle for their range of accessories that make life easier for their growing customer base.

A spokesperson says, “The goal of SparklyPets is to permanently develop products that will strengthen the relationship between dog and man.”

With the launch of their updated 2-in-1, hands-free leash, SparklyPets continue to make high-quality and innovation in pet accessories the standard for animal lovers everywhere.

For more information, please visit SparklyPets Amazon store