Go the Distance: 7 Ways to Last Longer During Sex

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(Newswire.net — June 8, 2021) — Sex is meant to be enjoyable. Unfortunately, for many men, sex is far from pleasurable. Men who are unable to last long often feel hopeless. 

Data shows that 1 in 3 men suffer from premature ejaculation. If you suffer from it, you know how hard it can be to sexually please your significant other. 

There’s good news. There are ways to last longer during sex. If you find yourself climaxing too quickly this article is for you. Read this article to learn how you can last longer in bed. 

1. Talk to Your Partner

One of the first things you can do to try to address this problem is to talk to your partner. Yes, it can be embarrassing to talk about it, but you should keep in mind this is a common problem for men. 

If you have trust with your partner, talk to your partner first before you try anything else. Communicating with your partner can provide you with a big boost. 

By communicating with your partner, you can let your partner know that you do want to please her. Inform your partner that she’s not the one who’s causing the problem. 

Once your partner understands that you have an issue, your partner will find a way to help you. Most men are harder on themselves compared to their partners. 

2. Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

If talking with your partner didn’t help, consider strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Weak pelvic floor muscles can affect your ability to delay ejaculation. 

You can strengthen these muscles by doing Kegel exercises. You can do the exercises in your house.

You have to contract and tighten them as you hold them. Do this for 10 seconds and then release. You can do 10 sets of these exercises. 

3. Switch Things Up

There’s a saying that says that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, in this case, it may be a good idea to change things up. The same sex position may be the thing that’s making you finish quickly. 

Don’t pick one position and stick with it the whole time. Instead, you should mix it up. Try using different positions so that you can give your penis some “time off”. 

You should choose sex positions that can help you last longer. Try not to focus too much on the sex positions that give you too much stimulation.

This includes the doggy position. You’ll find that this sex position can give you a lot of stimulation, thus making it harder for you to pace yourself. For now, stick with the sex positions that allow for a shallower penetration. 

4. Masturbate Before Having Sex

If you want to last long in bed, you should masturbate before you have sex. This may not always be possible, especially if you are having sex on the fly. If you’re able to masturbate beforehand do so as it can help fight off premature ejaculation.

It may take you longer to climax after masturbating. If it has been a while before you last ejaculated, you may find that the slightest sexual act can make you get an orgasm. 

5. Try the Squeeze Technique 

Looking for natural ways to last longer during sex? The squeeze technique can help. If you feel you’re about to orgasm, you should stop and squeeze right below the head of your penis. 

Use your thumb and forefinger to apply firm pressure on the urethra. Focus the pressure on this area. This will push blood out of the penis and decrease your sexual tension, thus repressing the desire to ejaculate. 

6. Try to Reduce Your Performance Anxiety 

Do you find yourself suffering from performance anxiety in bed? That’s not good at all as your focus to perform great and please your partner doesn’t help the cause. 

Sexual performance anxiety is all too real. A lot of men repeatedly go over in their minds if they’re doing a great job. Some can’t stop thinking if they will come too soon. 

All these negative thoughts can make it impossible for a man to do well. No man wants to let himself down, let alone his partner. The fear of premature ejaculation is often at the root of this anxiety. 

To reduce your performance anxiety, you must try to let go of what you can’t change. Instead, focus on the things that you can change.

Let’s say that your weight is an issue. Obesity can do more than make you feel bad about your body image. It can also be contributing to your premature ejaculation. 

7. Use Delay Wipes

Have you heard of delay wipes? Delay wipes can help you last longer in bed.

These wipes are easy to use. All you have to do is pass them along with the most sensitive parts of the penis. In 10 minutes, the active ingredient will absorb and bound below the skin. 

You’ll be able to experience long-lasting control. This product will help you enjoy everything about sex. You won’t have to hold back or worry about climaxing before your partner. 

It won’t transfer on to your partner so there’s no need to worry about it affecting your partner. It won’t get into any of her sensitive areas. 

Click the link to get delay wipes now. You’ll be glad you got them. 

These Are Seven Ways To Last Longer During Sex

So, you’re having problems lasting in bed? These are some of the ways to last longer during sex. If you’re finishing too soon, you must address this problem so you and your partner can enjoy sex. 

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