Orange County CA Tenant Eviction Attorney During Pandemic Legal Service Launch

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Irvine, CA-based legal directory Local Attorney Online has recently updated its service. This platform makes it easy to find trusted and experienced attorneys who can litigate eviction cases.

Local Attorneys Online, a directory of lawyers who serve Irvine, California,and all of Orange County announces the launch of its updated service. The platform allows people to search for real estate attorneys who provide legal assistance for eviction cases.

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This service was launched in light of the economic hardships brought about by the current pandemic. With many Americans losing their jobs or having their work hours cut, a growing number of individuals are falling behind on rent and now face eviction.

Fortunately, California state laws allow cities and counties to enact a moratorium on rent collection and eviction if tenants can prove they are in financial distress. However, many unscrupulous property owners still proceed with serving notices or filing unlawful detainer cases.

By hiring a lawyer, tenants can stay in their homes and defer rent payments for as long as legally possible. Their attorney will work closely with them to understand their specific circumstance and will craft a solid legal strategy.

The company recommends that tenants hire a lawyer the moment they are served an eviction notice. This allows attorneys to act quickly to stop the eviction process from proceeding.

Lawyers can help collect and present evidence of economic hardship, allowing tenants to benefit from the moratorium. They will also work with landlords to come up with feasible payment plans to pay back owed rent.

These legal experts also work with people living in low-income housing who wish to have their rent reduced to reflect their financial situation. Prospective clients may request a free, no-obligation case consultation to understand their options.

Local Attorney Online uses technology to make it easier for people to access trusted lawyers. Aside from eviction cases, its real estate lawyers also handle cases involving foreclosures and contract disputes.

A spokesperson says: “Our lawyers have been practicing law for many years. The primary focus of our company is to have all real estate litigation matters under one roof. We are proud that clients trust us to negotiate their real estate cases.”

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