Small Business Social Media Marketing – Outsourcing Disadvantages Report Launch

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Kyber Digital, an online agency specializing in advice for small businesses, has launched a new report explaining the benefits of keeping social media management in-house.

Online marketing and small business advice agency Kyber Digital has launched a new report entitled ‘Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Social Media Management’.

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Targeted specifically at smaller businesses, the new report highlights some of the important considerations in social media marketing campaigns, and explains why it may be better to keep this important function in-house.

According to a 2020 report by Hootsuite, 60% of businesses were planning to increase their marketing spend for Instagram and almost half of all businesses had similar plans for Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. With many small business owners uncertain how to approach social media as a marketing outlet, outsourcing this role is often considered the most viable option.

In the new report, Kyber Digital agrees that outsourcing of some business functions can save owners a lot of time. However, the report also provides 3 key reasons why social media marketing should be self-managed, and explains some scenarios when it might be worthwhile to consider outside assistance.

To begin with, the report states that business owners know their companies better than anyone else. An in-depth knowledge of the business’ products and customer-base is essential to formulating effective social media messages, and no-one is better placed to do that than the business owner.

The new report also explains that social media is not just a marketing tool, but also a communication platform. By outsourcing social media messaging, Kyber Digital advises that small businesses are missing an important opportunity to connect with and understand customers, as well as the ability to project the business’ unique personality.

The report also outlines how social media platforms can help business owners engage with their industry. Kyber Digital suggests that businesses who engage with industry leaders have more credibility and are more likely to establish themselves as industry experts.

A company representative stated: “Social media management is an essential part of your business and one that won’t be genuine when outsourced. It is important to remember that you do not need to be active on every social media platform.”

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