Direct-To-Consumer Omnichannel Business Strategy Consultation Services Updated

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Pasadena, CA-based Products to Profits (+1-626-396-0990) have announced updates to their proprietary F.A.S.T Framework and consultancy packages for D2C businesses.

Products to Profits, product development consulting specialists based in Pasadena, CA, have launched updated services for small businesses. The launch offers clients an all-in-one solution to production, development, investor and buyer strategies, wholesale merchandise and marketing through their proprietary F.A.S.T framework.

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The Products to Profits company provides an effective way for businesses to see their products listed, and selling well, on high-profile retail platforms such as Amazon, WooCommerce, Etsy, Whole Foods Market, The Home Depot and QVC among many others. Clients can benefit from a detailed product discovery appointment to strategize growth solutions for their inventory.

According to Insider Intelligence, despite the global pandemic squeezing the economy and causing a shift towards essential goods purchasing in the digital marketplace, direct-to-consumer brands still saw an increase in sales of around 40% in 2020.

Products to Profits bring experience across all forms of sales and retail, from online and offline to web-stores, television channels, social media and all manner of merchant platforms.

The company offers bespoke direction for retail placement, offering tailored advice and support for sourcing, packaging, patents, trademarks, supply chains, pricing and bringing products to market in a way that maximizes revenue growth.

Clients can benefit from the team’s educational approach to business strategy, gaining knowledge on how to optimize every aspect of their operations.

Products to Profits offer a 6-hour consultancy package. Sessions are conducted via Zoom video conferencing and cover topics such as deal evaluation, line extensions, art direction and investor pitch decks.

The company also hosts a wide range of expertly curated content through their website. Clients can access the Products to Profits blog, full of informational articles, tips, techniques and market knowledge. A podcast is also available with insight and discussion on all manner of product development and sales topics.

Headed by chief product strategist Amy Wenslow, Products to Profits are an omnichannel business consultancy agency, offering clients a wealth of experience across all sectors of the business world.

A satisfied client said, “I have accomplished more in one month of working with Products to Profits than I had in 18 months on my own.”

With the launch of their updated F.A.S.T Framework and direct-to-consumer business consultancy services, Products to Profits continue to put revenue growth into the hands of small business owners nationwide.

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