Nurses Pandemic PTSD Coping Skills/Healthcare Worker Mental Health Report Launch

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Passionate Care has released a new report to help medical professionals who are experiencing PTSD and depression caused by the pandemic. There is a no-cost downloadable guide with coping skills.

Passionate Care has released a new report to offer aid to healthcare workers dealing with the stress and anxiety caused by the current global pandemic. It details that many workers in the healthcare industry are suffering from post-pandemic PTSD and depression.

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The new report reveals that many medical professionals experience mistreatment regularly from the patients they treat. The surge of the pandemic not only highlighted it but brought further psychological mass trauma to the frontline workers.

During the time of the rise of the pandemic, many nurses complained that they were having difficulty sleeping and felt constantly on edge. In highly stressful situations, it was common to find workers breaking down and crying because they could no longer hold in their stress.

Because of the pandemic, a grand number of medical experts are suffering from feelings of workplace burnout since they are being pushed to their mental and emotional limits on a daily basis. They feel emotionally drained and a loss of interest in their own profession. Due to mass deaths from patients that were unsuccessfully saved, these workers are experiencing physical, emotional, and psychological impacts.

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The report also brings light to the symptoms of anxiety and PTSD caused by the pandemic. Those suffering may cry easily and frequently, feel impending doom, paranoia, depression, insomnia, and a state of fear.

Other common symptoms include feeling excessive guilt, not being able to think clearly, placing blame on others, giving up on tasks, feeling easily disappointed, and having thoughts of self-harm or harm to others.

Passionate Care’s report discloses that a no-cost downloadable guide entitled “Overcoming Anxiety” has been released to help others cope and recover from the anxiety caused by the pandemic.

The author of the report states: “For severe issues of anxiety or mental health problems you may reach out to your doctor. Most insurances have a special coverage where you can get professional in network help with little or no cost. Just contact your insurance provider.”

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