Bradenton FL Natural Hormone Replacement – Anxiety/Depression Help Updated

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Bradenton, Florida-based health & wellness center, The Natural Healing Arts Medical Center, have updated their Natural Hormone Replacement therapy services. The FDA-approved hormone pellet treatment is safe, all-natural, and non-invasive.

The Natural Healing Arts Medical Center, located in Bradenton, Florida, recently updated their BioTE® Natural Hormone Optomization Therapy. The non-invasive, FDA-approved therapy is ideal for treating stress, depression, and anxiety without the use of pharmaceuticals.

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The clinic updated their Natural Hormone Replacement (NHR) services in response to the growing demand for holistic treatment options. With natural approaches to healthcare on the rise, Natural Healing Arts Medical Center strive to offer patients safe alternatives to treating depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, restlessness, night sweats, and more.

BioTE® hormone therapy is a Bio-Identical form of hormone therapy that assists in restoring imbalanced hormones to their natural, youthful levels. Hormone imbalances can play a significant role in factors that affect all aspects of physical, mental, and emotional health.

While many pharmaceuticals are associated with serious side effects, NHR is a safe, all-natural alternative to treating hormone imbalance. The capsules are derived from 100% natural ingredients, namely wild yam and soy.

Prior to beginning NHR patients will be asked to complete blood work to determine if they are a candidate for the treatment. Treatments typically last between 3-6 months, depending on the patient. Physical activity levels, hot temperatures, and cardiac output all play a role in the duration of each dosage.

During the insertion appointment, the practitioner will implant the NHR pellets in fat deposits beneath the skin on the hip via a small incision. The procedure requires little to no downtime and no stitches.

As a well-rounded, comprehensive treatment center, the clinic also offers an array of natural, non-invasive therapies including chiropractic and massage therapy, counseling and mental wellness services, personalized diet and exercise plans, and more.

A satisfied client said, “I had my first visit with Dr. Z today and I will definitely be coming back. All of the staff were very welcoming and professional from start to finish. Dr. Z is very knowledgeable which makes you feel very at ease!”

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