LA Actor Demo Reel And Film Production Expert Service Launched In Hollywood CA

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Quality demo reels are critical for aspiring actors. Actors can now have their reels professionally produced by an award-winning team at Studio For Performing Arts LA.

A demo reel is an essential staple of every professional actor. In addition to being required to book most roles, talent agents require them before even considering an actor. It can be overwhelming for aspiring actors to decide how to obtain their own demo reel. Walid Chaya, founder of Studio For Performing Arts LA, has arranged a solution to the problem that actors can feel confident about.

Walid Chaya, an award winning director, actor, and creative consultant has assembled an award-winning team to offer actors the opportunity to act in professionally filmed scenes for their reel and have their demo professionally edited.

More information is available at for this exclusive service offered in Los Angeles, CA.

One of the services is an all-inclusive development package that contains all required elements of creating a successful demo, from script to screen. Guidance from Walid Chaya, Casting Professional/Producer Ani Avetyan, and Director & Scriptwriter Matt Beurois are also included in this package.

The service will provide professional film production and reel editing for aspiring actors. In addition, he also announced an upcoming “demo day” set for August 10th.

Chaya launched the service in order to equip aspiring actors with the foundational tools to successfully launch their career.

One of the new services include “LA Demo Day,” the next on August 10, to specifically focus on actors filming a high quality scene for their demo. The actors will be allowed to focus on acting in a special themed scene while everything needed for full production will be provided by an award winning team, including a casting director, director, scriptwriter, and crew. In addition, participants will also have a chance to speak privately with Walid Chaya over the internet for a pre-shoot consultation.

A spokesperson for the event stated: “Walid Chaya is a member of SAG-AFTRA, the Stage Directors Choreographer Society, an alumni of The American Theatre Wing’s, and founder of the Tony Awards SpringBoardNYC directors program. Walid’s clients can be seen in commercials, major films, television shows, and theaters nationwide. Don’t miss your chance to benefit from his expertise!”

Interested parties can find additional details at