Johnson City TN Chronic Inflammation Treatment Functional Medicine Guide Issued

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A functional medicine clinic located in Johnson City, Tennessee, serving patients throughout East Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina, has published a guide to treating chronic inflammation.

Tri-Cities Functional Medicine, a functional medicine clinic located in Johnson City, Tennessee, and serving patients throughout East Tennessee and into Virginia and North Carolina, has published an online step-by-step guide to treating chronic inflammation.

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The newly released online guide will help anyone looking for a solution to treat chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can contribute to joint pain, muscle stiffness, digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, frequent headaches, skin issues, persistent fever, chronic allergies, and constant chills.

Inflammation occurs when cells in the body become damaged. This damage causes the body to release chemicals that help the immune system leap into action and defend against viruses, bacteria, and toxins. Inflammation is extremely useful in helping the immune system fight against various ailments. However, inflammation is not something a body should experience all day, every day.

Chronic inflammation suppresses and weakens the immune system, creating stress on the body and affecting all systems of the body, including the brain, gut, thyroid, liver, and heart. When chronic inflammation strikes, the effects can linger, resulting in a patient’s body going into a constant state of panic. Over time, chronic inflammation may start to have a negative impact on the patient’s tissues and organs.

The guide highlights a number of natural treatments for inflammation. These include adopting a more healthy lifestyle by exercising, cutting out processed foods, reducing stress, getting enough sleep, and avoiding chemicals and toxins.

The clinical team at Tri-Cities Functional Medicine helps patients to understand the origins, prevention, and treatment of chronic inflammation. In addition, the clinic’s functional medicine doctor provides patients with an individualized treatment plan to help reduce their inflammation.

A spokesperson for Tri-Cities Functional Medicine said, “Tri-Cities Functional Medicine’s step-by-step online guide to treating chronic inflammation breaks the problem down into easy-to-follow steps, helping patients better understand their condition and how to treat it. Tri-Cities Functional Medicine provides all the support patients need to get their lives back.”

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