Barbara H Smith Public Speaking Coach On Roku/Amazon TV Upcoming Book Release

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Public speaking coach and entrepreneur, Barbara H. Smith, is leveraging 20 years of experience to launch a new book and a televised show premiering on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Barbara H. Smith, an entrepreneur, author, and business strategist, is expanding her speaker development events. The new expansion will include the release of her TV show and a book titled “Unleash The Speaker Within”.

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Unleash The Speaker Within is currently available online at the link above for pre-orders. The newly launched TV show will be available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. The website also features a complimentary e-book, “How To Present With Power – 5 Quick Keys To Impact & Influence Your Audience.”

Barbara H. Smith has been hosting speaker development events for more than 20 years. In that time she has worked with business leaders, financial gurus, top entertainers, and international personalities. As a personal speaking coach, she has helped people from all walks of life to get their message out in a clear and effective manner.

Speaker coaching for leaders is available to individuals through one-on-one sessions designed to help participants improve their careers and promote their beliefs. Coaching is also available for organizations that wish to empower their managers and leaders. Enhanced speaking skills can be beneficial for leaders of any stripe.

Their process begins by determining what level of speaking skill an individual or company is presently at, determining their areas of improvement, and a clear path to achieve their goal. Every coaching plan is unique to the individual or company and aims to take them from their starting position toward definite goals.

Barbara H. Smith aims to help people overcome their fear of public speaking. By giving her clients confidence in their ability to speak publicly, she has been able to assist them to improve their productivity, communication skills, and consumer engagement. Her clients include global corporations CapitalOne, Canon, ALCOA, and Blue Cross.

One satisfied client said, “After my first coaching session with Barbara, a renewed sense of purpose and confidence has come over me. Her advice not only addressed the key elements of public speaking but also met my personal communication improvement needs as well.”

Unleash the Speaker Within is currently available online. The newly launched TV show will be available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV soon. The website also features a complimentary e-book, “How to Present with Power – 5 Quick Keys to Impact & Influence Your Audience”.

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