Oshawa ON Auto Repair Shop Service Pricing/Ratings Comparison Platform Launched

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The company behind the auto repair shop comparison platform Auto Fix Buddy just announced that their services are now available to motorists in Oshawa, Ontario.

Auto Fix Buddy, with presence in both the US and Canada, announces the expansion of their services to the city of Oshawa. They offer a web-based platform where vehicle owners can compare the services offered by auto repair shops in their local areas.

More information can be found at https://www.autofixbuddy.com

The latest announcement is in line with the company’s continuous efforts to widen its coverage in the province of Ontario. Other areas in Canada, including Vancouver, Victoria, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax, Moncton, and Saskatoon, have all been benefiting from the car comparison website.

Auto Fix Buddy provides an online directory with detailed information about the services and rates of the repair shops in their network. Car owners get the ability to filter listings according to such factors as hourly rates and choose the deals that suit their needs and budgets. They can also chat with the shops, make inquiries, and book their appointments straight from the platform.

To start off, drivers simply need to select their car make and key in their location. They will then be directed to a list of reliable car garages within the vicinity. With the platform’s over 1,700 listings, car owners are assured that they will find a shop that matches their search parameters. When they are ready, they may simply book the shop of their choice and pay once the service is done.

The leading car repairs comparison website in North America, Auto Fix Buddy strives to serve motorists by providing a convenient and transparent way to search for the automotive services they need. Similarly, the company also helps car garage owners by improving their online presence and driving qualified leads to their shops.

As their representative states, “If you are a garage on Auto Fix Buddy, we understand that business is a jungle, and only the strongest survive. That’s why we put your business in front of everyone. It doesn’t matter how big or beautiful your business is. We dedicate the time to lifting all the heavyweight off your shoulders so that you can enjoy a good customer flow.”

Interested parties may access additional details by visiting https://www.autofixbuddy.com