LA Negotiation/Dispute Resolution For Productive Relationship Services Launched

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Lapin Negotiation Services in LA announces its updated services for negotiations and the resolution of disputes. The firm is recognized internationally and serves everyone from individuals to government organizations.

Lapin Negotiation Services announces its updated negotiation and disputes resolution service. Over the years, they have influenced the negotiation landscape for the better by changing it from mere posturing to an environment of honest collaboration.

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With the announcement of its updated services, this firm aims to create genuine value and trust through collaborative problem-solving and dialogue. This in turn is what will lead to stronger working relationships and agreements.

Lapin Negotiation Services offers its clients expertly trained and experienced negotiation specialists who can achieve the most favorable outcomes and resolutions. With an authentic process supported by understanding and trust-based dialogue, they can restore productive relationships, rebuild reputations and create agreement.

Clients who retain their services not only mitigate litigation risk and save on costly conflicts but are also able to increase their profitability with optimal contracts and agreements. This brings about an increase in revenue. The firm serves in the local, national and global arena.

The specialists at Lapin Negotiation Services have successfully negotiated close to 1000 disputes. This includes multi-million dollar projects. Their service extends to the areas of medical malpractice, healthcare, defense services, employment, issues with labor unions, intellectual property, and so on. They work with multinational firms and with the private and public sectors.

The core structure of the service is based on the concepts at the Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation. The team is a combination of legal practitioners, professors, and instructors. This gives them the latest information and techniques, combined with hands-on experience.

Raphael Lapin, the founder of the firm is a Harvard alumnus and a negotiation and dispute resolution specialist with international recognition. His experience in this field extends to governments, large corporate organizations, and individuals. Born and raised in South Africa, Raphael’s education spans the USA, UK, and Israel.

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Raphael is a published author, served on the Northern California Mediation Association board, is an advanced practitioner member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, and a member of the Los Angeles Superior Court Dispute Resolution Panel, among other accomplishments.

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