Automated Reputation Marketing Campaign/Content Amplification Software Launched

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An online web seminar teaches six steps to use automated software to create multimedia marketing campaigns. The seminar is designed to increase ROI through online reputation marketing.

An online seminar demonstrating an innovative content marketing amplification system has been announced. The seminar teaches how to promote a business or website across multiple media formats using automated software.

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The seminar is launching online and is accessible from anywhere in the world. It covers a system that is designed to help both local marketers and online business owners. The system has been shown to increase the number of potential customers that users attract by leveraging the power of professional digital content combined with marketing automation and hyper-targeted advertising strategies.

The automated system allows customers to input a small amount of information relevant to their business, and then have a far-reaching marketing campaign made for them. Clients are not required to personally create the digital content or perform the extensive research required for most marketing campaigns.

The marketing campaigns will publish content from the client’s website or business across trusted news and media venues worldwide and online. This has been shown to improve search engine ranking, as well as building trust with customers. Most customers do research online before deciding where to shop, so increasing a company’s online footprint is essential to success in a modern market.

The seminar covers six steps required to build a successful business using automated “Shout Out” campaigns. The campaigns will advertise a business across reputable sites, blogs, podcasts, and video sites using highly specialized automation.

The automation discussed in the seminar handles all of the reputation marketing and online distribution using the information provided by the client. The system provides a simple method for multimedia content marketing in any niche, across a wide range of media and websites.

The seminar is intended to produce an increased ROI with a decrease in time spent creating content. The “Shout Out” campaigns have been successful across various niches at consistently increasing web traffic and online reputations. The automation software is available to anyone with an internet connection and computer.

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