Australia Integrated Telehealth/Calendar Practice Management Software Launched

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A newly updated healthcare clinic practice management software has been launched by Power Diary. Australian clinics can implement the service to optimise their daily task management.

Power Diary has launched an updated practice management solution for Australian healthcare clinics. They offer cutting-edge practice management software for optimised system efficiency using state-of-the-art digital tools.

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The newly updated practice management software (PMS) solution can be implemented across medical and healthcare practices to ensure administrative tasks are handled in the most effective way.

Using Power Diary, clients are able to streamline their daily admin, including appointment bookings, invoice creation, and billing. Patient records are available through an all-in-one integrated dashboard.

Power Diary includes calendar management, SMS, email and letter-based communication, telehealth and video call functionality, online form management, client management, online appointment booking, and a range of other tools.

The driving force of the software is the diary or calendar element. This includes an easy-to-use appointment-booking system that simplifies the admin process for all staff. Additionally, important patient details can be quickly accessed as soon as they’re needed.

The Power Diary PMS uses inbuilt appointment reminders, clinical notes integration, and easy patient correspondence to provide a more effortless task-management solution.

Australian clinics can now begin using Power Diary in their centre or hospital. This enables them to compile all of their management tasks together in one place for a more frictionless approach to daily work.

Instead of having separate platforms for patient information, records, treatment notes and more, clinics can manage every element more easily.

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According to the latest research, the most common needs that Australian health practices had prior to implementing Power Diary was help with scheduling, treatment plans, billing, and documentation of patient information.

Implementing Power Diary is an effective way of saving time and energy. Clinic office staff can reduce time spent on admin, and reduce their no-show appointments.

A spokesperson for the company states: “With a proper practice management system in place, you can easily grow your practice and have team members access the right information. You can even use an external booking service and have your calls taken and appointments created in Power Diary.”

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