Henson Group Announced by Microsoft as Expert Cloud Native Partner

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The Henson Group has announced its acceptance as a Microsoft cloud native partner as a result of its knowledge of three technologies including K-eights, Azure OpenShift and Azure DevOps.

Microsoft deployment partner Henson Group has announced its acceptance into Microsoft’s Cloud Native Partner Program. The recognition is the result of Henson Group expertise in three cloud computing solutions.

More information is available at https://www.microsoft.com/azure/partners/cloudnative

The announcement by Henson Group, a managed services provider, coincides with a market shift toward cloud computing solutions by businesses worldwide.

The current pandemic has accelerated the trend in which large and small companies rely more heavily on remote data centers and less on investment in onsite personnel, servers, and hardware.

The global managed services market, including cloud computing, is forecast to exceed $82 billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research.

Microsoft’s Cloud Native Partner Program is a cooperative effort with the Henson Group to provide cloud native application development services to build or extend existing practices on Azure.

Through the partnership, Microsoft provides specialized onboarding technical enablement, and support of Microsoft technical sales teams. By extension, the Henson Group’s clients will be afforded technical services to develop scalable business solutions.

In particular, Henson Group’s acceptance in the Cloud Native Partner Program is based on specialized technical knowledge of three cloud computing technologies.

First, Kubernetes, also known as K-eights, is an open-source system for deploying, managing, and scaling computing containers; the containers are micro-services packaged with their dependencies and configurations.

Second, Azure OpenShift is a technology that maintains compliance of master, infrastructure and application nodes including patching, updating, and monitoring. OpenShift allows companies to set up registries, networking, storage, or continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) solutions.

Third, Azure DevOps is a toolset of services and applications that supports planning, testing, packaging, and deployment of applications. Modules include Azure Boards for development teams to plan, track, and discuss work; Azure Pipelines to build, test, and deploy with CI/CD; and Azure Test Plans, which allow teams to test and ship products using a range of tools.

The Henson Group is a managed services provider and global Microsoft Azure Expert MSP Gold Certified Partner based in New York. The firm provides licensing, consulting and managed services to support deployment of Microsoft applications for U.S. and international companies.

Azure is Microsoft’s enterprise cloud computing platform to manage technology solutions through Microsoft data centers.

“Many businesses are rapidly transitioning their digital infrastructure to remote cloud computing. As a result, managed services providers are relied upon for cloud technology knowledge just as they were for onsite support,” a company spokesperson said.

Further information is available at the website above.