Should You Get Your Roof Repaired or Do It Yourself?

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( — June 16, 2021) — Roof damages are common in many homes. Some of the issues you could encounter may be leaks, punctures, blown-off shingles, decayed fascia boards, ruined gutters, and others. These problems often result from improper maintenance or installation. 

However, the main contributor to roof damage in most locations is harsh weather. For instance, in states like Colorado, hail storms may be experienced more frequently than in other areas. Recently, this type of precipitation has been encountered in this region, and some instances have been more severe. However, most residents may have been prepared as it’s believed that hails storms are more common and most destructive in June. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that such extreme conditions can damage even the best roofs if regular inspection and maintenance aren’t considered. 

Factors To Consider Before Repairing A Roof Or Calling A Professional

Today, you’ll find several websites and videos offering guidance on how one can repair a roof by themselves. However, some of these sources may only cover simpler issues and sometimes not advise on all the necessary precautions. That being so, if you have excellent skills, the essential tools, and are aware of all protective measures to observe, then you could consider doing the improvements yourself. Otherwise, you may need professional help from roofing companies near you. 

Moreover, most people prefer do-it-yourself (DIY) projects because they may be fun, educative, and more importantly, cost-saving. You may also enjoy these benefits if you have sufficient knowledge of roof repairs. If not, you could hurt yourself, cause more destruction to your house, or spend more money than may be required. Additionally, you risk voiding your warranty since most manufacturers require an expert to restore any damages. 

On the other hand, a Dayton Ohio commercial roofing expert could be more suited for the job if you’re looking for an individual with expertise in repair works. They’re knowledgeable and well experienced could be an advantage for you. Apart from that, they’re insured. Therefore, if anyone is hurt or your property is ruined in the process, you’d not be liable. Instead, the contractor’s insurer will be responsible for all costs and damages.

That being so, your roof could be needing restoration, and you may be debating whether to call an expert or do the improvements yourself. In this case, here are some factors you should first consider before settling on any of those choices:

  1. Time To Complete The Task

A DIY project may be suitable if you’re sure you can complete the repairs sufficiently within a good time. Also, if the improvements aren’t urgent, you could take up the task.

However, most professionals are likely to work faster on repairs from experience. Additionally, this could allow you more time to spend with your family or work on other jobs you may be wishing to complete.

  1. Expertise Needed

Some roof repairs may look easy but could require more work than expected. Therefore, the tutorial videos or website guidelines may not be sufficient. However, if you’re well-skilled and have previously done actual restorations, a DIY approach may be suitable.

That being so, hiring an expert could guarantee quality work. It’s because they’re well trained and have hands-on experience in this kind of work. This means they’ll know what to do in any situation. Aside from that, they can also advise you on maintenance practices that can extend the life of your roof. Additionally, they could ensure a job well done that’s more satisfying and likely to last you longer.

  1. Safety Precautions 

Generally, most videos or online instructions may not mention all the necessary precautions you should follow when repairing your roof. This could put your safety at risk. Additionally, more damage could be caused to your house if you aren’t cautious.

Working with an expert ensures you and your house are in safe hands because they’re well versed in all the safety measures necessary. Apart from that, they’ll also consider all factors essential for their well-being as well.

  1. Your Insurance Company Policies

Most homeowners have insurance covers for their homes. If you have one, your insurer can cover accidental or unforeseen roof damages that may have been caused by hail storms, strong winds, heavy snow, or fire. Therefore, if you decide to restore the roof yourself and the firm notices this, you risk the cancellation of your policy.  

However, if the roof damage is due to a lack of proper maintenance, the insurance company doesn’t cover this cost. Therefore, a DIY project may be suitable in this case. 


Repairing a roof could sometimes require more skills and expertise than imagined. However, a DIY may be recommendable if you have enough knowledge on how to do it. Also, if you’re aware of all the safety precautions necessary, you could consider making the improvements yourself. Additionally, if you aren’t violating any terms in your insurance policy, you could also restore this part of the house on your own.

If otherwise, a professional roofer may be more suitable. They’re well experienced, have insurance, and are more likely to take less time in the repairs. Additionally, most roofing companies will use their tools, thereby saving you some money on equipment costs you’d incur doing the job yourself.