Johnson City TN Fibromyalgia Treatment Functional Medicine Guide Published

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A functional medicine clinic located in Johnson City, Tennessee has announced the publication of an online guide for patients who have fibromyalgia.

Tri-Cities Functional Medicine, a functional medicine clinic located in Johnson City, Tennessee, serving patients throughout East Tennessee and into Virginia and North Carolina, has announced the publication of an online guide for patients who may be suffering from fibromyalgia.

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The announcement about the publication of the online guide will be of interest to anyone hoping to understand the root causes of fibromyalgia and how to treat the condition using natural remedies, including the management of stress and diet.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic health condition causing widespread muscle pain and tenderness, which is often accompanied by fatigue, memory problems, and mood swings. The condition is often triggered by a stressful event such as an injury, an infection, or an incident that causes emotional or psychological stress.

The new guide explains that although fibromyalgia is an extremely common condition, it is often misdiagnosed. Because there is no simple diagnostic test for fibromyalgia, patients often need to rely on their doctor’s experience and expertise to identify and treat the condition.

Fibromyalgia can be treated using either conventional medicine or functional medicine. However, conventional medicine typically only helps patients mask the symptoms of fibromyalgia, and often results in patients taking prescribed medications potentially for the rest of their lives. Functional medicine offers a real alternative and is designed to help patients get their lives back by restoring their bodies to optimal functionality.

Dr. Joseph Radawi leads the clinical team at Tri-Cities Functional Medicine. Dr. Radawi spent a decade practicing emergency medicine in Tennessee and is a board-certified family medicine physician. He moved across to functional medicine when he realized conventional medicine didn’t always have the answers his patients needed when it came to chronic conditions.

A spokesperson for Tri-Cities Functional Medicine said, “Tri-Cities Functional Medicine specializes in fibromyalgia. Dr. Radawi is able to help patients rule out any other potential causes and make a conclusive diagnosis, so they take the right steps and start reversing their symptoms and restoring their health.”

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